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    Women's Hair Loss Wigs Women's Wigs

    This is a very important page for Women with Hair Loss, thinning hair, thin hair, bald spots, and any type of hair condition. A HAIR WIG IS NEVER AN OPTION! AGAIN, Women should not be using a regular hair wig!

    It may come as a shock to hear this, but let me explain. Women who have thin hair, thinning hair, baldness, hair disorders like Trich, any form of Alopecia, cancer hair loss, medical hair loss, thyroid disorders, hair loss due to aging, have Many OPTIONS instead of Wigs. Let's go into this in more detail now.

    First, let say your hair is thin or thinning. You can get hair additions, hair extensions, and more. These blend in with you're existing hair. They are therefore more natural and extremely easy to take care of. You wash, comb, style, just like any regular women without any hair issues. We at Hair Center Int. have over 100 different hair addition options and are Number 1 in NYC, NY, New York, NJ, CT, Manhattan, Long Island for hair additions.

    Second, lets now say you have Trich, Alopecia Areata, Female Pattern Hair Loss, Bald spots, receding hairline, etc, you can get a hair system. A hair system integrates your existing hair with the hair from the system. We at Hair Center International have over 11 Different Hair Systems. These systems use 100% Human Hair of the best quality. It is extremely easy to take care of. We are the New York City, New York, NY leaders in the best hair systems for women.

    Third, we now come to our most extreme conditions. Women who have lost their hair to Chemo, or Alopecia Totalis, where there is a complete loss of hair. In this state, you can get something like a lace wig, lace front wig, hair prosthesis, something with a skin that breathes, can last for weeks on your head, is very natural, very real looking, and easy to maintain. We are New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Manhattan leaders in dealing with women with complete hair loss.

    As you can see from the above, a regular wig is NEVER an option. A Wig is for going to party, costumes, and should not be considered by women with any type of hair loss because there are MUCH better options for women with hair loss than wigs.

    I am writing this page because many WOMEN DO NOT KNOW THEIR OPTIONS! There are many options for Alopecia, Thin Hair Loss, and more for women instead of regular wigs. We offer the MOST options for women who are looking for wigs.

    We recommend coming in for a free consult, where we go over options for you. You will love the way you look. All consults are private and are done by women for women, as we are a female hair loss salon. Find out why women from all over New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Manhattan, Westchester, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island, Philadelphia, Boston, and Albany visit our salon instead of wearing a regular hair wig. Many women, especially older women, are not aware of their hair options.

    Remember, Wigs are for occasions. If you have any form of hair disorder, we have many fantastic options for you instead of wigs. See our photo galleries for hair loss to see the many options that are available to women.


    Women's Hair Loss Wigs
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