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  • Trichotillomania  Hair Pulling

    Trichotillomania or Hair Pulling is more common than many people might think. We have over 100 regular clients that suffer from Trichotillomania or Hair Pulling disorder. We have options that can help your hair grow back, and we specialize in ways to conceal it day one, so nobody will know what happened. We also have some systems that in case you pull your hair again, the pieces can be replaced relatively easily on your next visit. We are New York, NY, NYC leaders in dealing with Trichotillomania ? Hair Pulling for women. We are located in Astoria, Queens, NY and serve the Manhattan, NYC, Long Island, NY, CT, NJ, Philadelphia, Boston areas.

    We specialize in ways to fix and hide the after effect of Trichotillomania Hair Pulling. We have private consultation rooms, and all services are done in private. We specialize in all hair loss options for women, and with our cutting edge Laser hair growth options, we have added another tool at your disposal. Many of our over 11+ different hair loss options for women work with Trichotillomania-Hair Pulling, as does many of our hair extensions options.

    We can give you a free consult and hair analysis. We go over your many hair loss options, we see what are going to be your best options, and we try to find something in your price range. . This is all done in a private atmosphere.

    Come and find out why women with Trichotillomania-Hair Pulling chose Hair Center International for all of their Trichotillomania-Hair Pulling needs. We are experienced, and our pricing and hair quality is much better than the pricey places you might find in NJ, LI, or Manhattan.


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