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  • Traction Alopecia

    Traction Alopecia is hair loss caused tight braids or tight weaves over time. One can have braids and weaves, and not have any problems. A lot of time the problem can be caused by certain sensitive scalp conditions, or unknown factors. When it comes to Traction Alopecia, we have many solutions that can either help grow new hair like our top of the line Laser Hair Growth systems, or we can conceal the hair loss with many of our hair loss solutions listed in our hair loss sections. We are the New York, NY, NYC leader in Traction Alopecia solutions for women in the New York City area. We are located in Astoria, Queens, NY, and we serve the Manhattan, Long Island, NY, NJ, CT, Philadelphia, Boston, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester areas with multiple Traction Alopecia solutions.

    We are the Leading Salon with numerous solutions for Traction Hair Alopecia Located in New York, NY, NYC serving New York City, NJ, and CT. Traction Alopecia can happen at any time. Some people can have weaves, braids for years, other can?t. A lot has to do with hair conditions, types of weave and braids, breaks in between them, and how well you take care of them while you wear them. I have seen people who have worn weaves for years, and never have developed any issues with Traction Alopecia.

    If you feel that you have Traction Alopecia,or any form of hair loss for that matter, visit our number one hair loss salon. We specialize in hair loss treatments, and solutions. We have many options for women with any form of Alopecia, and that is why we are the leaders in New York, NYC, NY, NJ, and CT in treating women with hair loss issues.

    We offer free consults where we try to get behind the issue, and best ways to treat Traction Alopecia and conceal it, so nobody will ever know you have had any type of hair loss. Call us today!


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