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Skin Treatment

Hair Center International Fresh Revitalizing Treatment

Extensive, rejuvenating, facial booster based on fresh cells and alpha hydroxyl acids. This treatment includes deep pore cleansing, various massages, and shiatsu of the scalp and freshly custom blended hydrating products and masks, which allow your skin to look radiant and beautiful, like never before. This can also be accompanied with a micro-dermabrasion session.

Hair Center International Sensitive Skin treatments

For all those super delicate skins that breakout easily, we have a mild, soothing, tranquilizing, hydrating and oxygenating facial treatment that leaves the skin cool, and fresh.

Hair Center International Byogenic Treatment

Special hydrating treatment with an emphasis on deep pore cleaning, leaves the skin squeaky clean and refreshed.

Hair Center International Chest or Back Treatments

Deep cleaning of the skin with special attention to breakout conditions. Our alpha hydroxide makes this part of your body peel off dead layers and gives your body wonderful results.

Chemical Peeling

This special peeling is based on organic ingredients that become a chemical after being blended with other skin care products. Our treatment after being applied shows its true results after one week's time. It clears off all of your dead cells and gives you baby soft skin. Recommended in winter or cool weather. Must follow our special instructions for the following week after treatment.

Permanent Make-up

Our skilled artists begin with a free consultation and draw over your eyebrows, to show you the style before it is applied. Adjustments can be made at this point. Then we use a special anti-allergy, color formula to give you that permanent natural look that lasts from months to years.

Hair Center International is one of the leading skin treatment salon located in Astoria, Queens, NY offers the latest and best in skin care treatment.


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