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Simplicity Hair Extensions

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Hair Center International is the leader in Seamless Hair Extension Types. We offer Multiple Seamless Hair Extensions, and are the leader in the NYC, New York area in Seamless Hair Extensions. Simplicity seamless Hair Extensions is a seemless hair extension technique that is very similar to that of Ultratress Seamless Hair Extensions. Seamless Extensions are applied with a specialized liner tape that attaches to your natural hair. It attaches basically in a simple 3 step process.

Best in CitySearch Since 2010.

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These seamless extensions are quick to apply, and can be done under an hour. It lasts 4-6 weeks and is affordable. This product is an addition to the product portfolio, due to cost. It is affordable and last for shorter periods. Ideal if you want nice seamless hair extensions for a short period of time. It is reusable, and can be adjusted after the time frame is over.

Simplicity Hair Extensions
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Great for wedding hair extensions and prom hair extensions. If you are looking for extensions for a Prom or Wedding, this is an option to look at. It is a short range hair extension types, and fits the need for weddings and proms.

We offer many different types of Simple Hair Extensions that suits great for wedding and prom hair in our top hair salon in New York, NY, NYC, close to NJ, CT, Manhattan and Long Island. Hair Center International, located in Astoria, Queens, NY is the world's premier seamless hair extensions salon, in the NY area. We have served the Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, NY, NJ, CT, Brooklyn, Bronx, Philadelphia, Boston, New York area for over 20 years. Nobody has more seamless hair extension types than our salon. Seamless extensions are great for wedding hair, short term hair extensions or affordable hair extensions.

Simplicity in a word is a simple solution for clients with the above needs. Hair quality is good, and can be colored and permed.

Come to our NY hair salon to see if seamless hair extensions are right for you.