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Removable/Clip on Method's

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Hair Center International is the Best Clip In hair extensions salon that offers many removable clip hair extension types like custom, sew in, Jessica Simpson, premium, double sided clip on extensions in NYC, NY, New York, NJ, CT, Queens.

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We at Hair Center International have many techniques that are removable, clip in hair extension techniques and styles to add hair length to you head for short periods. The advantage of this is that you can develop a certain look for that special occasion. This comes in handy for weddings, girl's night out, or special events.

Removable/Clip on Method's
  •   Custom Clip In Hair Extensions
  •   Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions
  •   360 Hair Extensions
  •   Weft Clip In Extensions
  •   Balmain Clip In Extensions
  •   Double Lined Clip In Extensions

Some of our most popular clip in hair extension types is the following:

1) Custom Clip In Hair Extensions - We develop special attachments that are hand made that can be snapped on to your hair for the evening and be removed afterwards. The advantage is that the hair can last for a year and you have flexibility to change you style on short notice. These extensions are hand made, and are made to match your own hair type.

2) Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions - We carry the whole Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions line in our hair salon, of human hair extensions from Jessica Simpson. This types of hair extensions are very popular due to the fame that Jessica Simpson as achieved, along with her hair dresser Ken Paves.

3) 360 Hair Extensions - A popular type of clip in hair extension type that we offer in our hair salon. Great for weddings and events.

4) Weft Clip In Extensions - We make clip in extensions from weft hair that you either provide, or weft hair that we have in our salon.

5) Balmain Clip In Extensions - We carry the removable clip in line of Balmain HAir extensions. Do you want Balmain clip on hair extensions, visit our salon.

6) Double Lined Clip In Extensions - We offer a unique clip on hair extension type, with a double hair side type of clip on, which is unique to our salon. This clip in was developed in our salon.

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