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Hair Center International Latest Interview

Below are a few questions concerning hair extension services, asked from

1. How long have you been doing hair extensions?

I have been doing hair extensions for over 20 years. The first hair extension method I used was hair extensions with silicon. Even back at that time, the silicon attachments that I did were very fine, and similar in size to today's extensions.

2. What is the demographic makeup of your hair extension clients (i.e. average age, gender, reason for wanting hair extensions)

Since I offer a vast selection of hair extension styles, the whole female population is a potential market. Age ranges are usually people in their 20-40's, with a wide ethic base. I focus on females, because I also offer private services, and feel more comfortable working in private with female customers.

3. How many different hair extension methods do you offer?

As of today, I offer OVER 100 Different hair extension types.

4. Why do you offer so many different methods?

That is a very good question. The reason is that people have different needs, with different BUDGETS. Many people cannot afford Great Lengths, or my patent pending Remylinks product line for example. Therefore, I need to have affordable options, for the entire client spectrum. My prices start at $400 and work their way up to $6000. As you can see that is a wide range, and allows me to offer something for everyone. Another reason is that people call me from all around the world asking me to perform an extension using a specific product. By offering the whole range of different options, chances are that I offer the specific product that the client requests.

5. How do you decide which method to use when you first meet with a hair extension client.

The way I decide is I first see what the client is trying to accomplish, and then what there budget is. For example, some people might want a cheap, short term extension, and they are on a tight budget. In that case, I would recommend something like Ultratress, Simplicity, or silicon fusion. In other cases, a client might live far away, cost is not an issue, and they want a full head of hair with length. In this case, I would recommend Great Lengths, which is one of my biggest sellers. It all depends on goals required and their budget.

6. What is your favorite method to work with and why?

My favorite is Great Lengths. It is a high quality product, has a great reputation, and lasts around 6 months. It is reliable, with great product support, and customers seem to prefer it over others for the above reasons.

7. Do you work with hair loss, hair thinning (alopecia, cancer treatment, etc.) clients? If so, what method do you usually use for those types of situations?

I specialize in the above. Doing a hair extension is second nature to me. I can do it blindfolded. The real skill of the business is to work on people with difficult issues, such as alopecia, and people who have undergone cancer treatment. For these clients, I have a whole range of options such as Lace Front wigs, Non surgical hair replacement, hair integration and my own custom Hairsthetics solutions. I have my own suppliers who custom make these solutions for me. I also combine these solutions when applicable with some of my other hair extension lines, to provide the ultimate hair experience.

8. What is the price range for your hair extensions?

Price range varies according to 3 factors: technique used, amount of hair desired and the length requested. Since I offer such a wide range of products, prices start at $400 and work their way up to $6000.

9. Have you ever had anything go wrong with any hair extension client?

I have never had anything go wrong with the extension. I have probably done over 10,000 extensions myself in my life without a problem. I have had people that realized hair extensions were not for them. I have had people realize for example that a lace front wasn't for them. Problem in this field is that these products are not for everyone. They require some work, either regular maintenance or adjustments in life.

For example, if you get a lace front wig, it feels different than what your hair is used to. There is something on top of you that you never had before. People come in and say they want it, I explain it to them in detail, but it is another thing to get use to. The same thing holds true with extensions. It is now extra hair to deal with. Longer blow dry times, and you need to brush with care, and some people cannot deal with these issues, and realize these products are not for them.

10. What should a person who wants hair extensions know about getting hair extensions ( i.e. special maintenance, hair care products, etc.)

People should realize that although great to look at, it does require some work on your behalf. You need to take care of your investment, since on average hair extensions are not cheap. This means, visits to your stylist on a regular basis for proper maintenance. You need to brush and wash correctly. Don't press the flat iron on your extension attachment points. I give a care card for extensions when a client leaves my salon, with thorough verbal directions, and they should be followed to avoid any issues.

11. Who should not get hair extensions?

People who should not get them should be people that are tight financially. They can be expensive, and you should not put all of your savings into them. Rent, bills, etc should come first. Also, people who don't like to care for their hair afterwards, should avoid extensions. They require some work on your part, so if you don't want the effort, they should be avoided.

12. Do you have any before/after photos that you would like to contribute for the article?

Yes, you can check my website at for various before and after pictures on multiple techniques.

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