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Hair Extensions Information - FAQ's

What is the price range of hair extensions? How much do hair extensions cost?

The price range of hair extensions varies, depending on the amount of hair, the technique type, and the hair length. All of our hair extensions are priced from $500 and up. When you come in for a free consultation, we go over these factors with you and try to find something in your budget.

What does a consultation cost?

All consultations are free. The consultation is 20 minutes, where we discuss your goals, your hair type, texture, and budget, and where I make recommendations to you based on those factors. It is free so you have nothing to lose. Nobody has more options for you, so if I can't help you, nobody will.

Can I do the hair service after the consultation if I like?

Yes, we carry massive amounts of inventory, so we specialize in same day services. Nobody has more inventory than us, and we have 15 Full time hair extensions and hair replacement pros!

Are consultations private?

Yes, we have a separate consultation area, and we have 3 private rooms for application, that we use for women with hair loss or for women doing a lace wig application.

Can I just walk in?

We recommend an appointment, because we get very busy at times. So to prevent waiting, call ahead for an appointment.

You have so many different types of extensions, which one is right for me?

That is why we offer free consultations. Based on budget, hair type and goals, we recommend the right one for you!

Are all pictures on your website of actual clients?

Yes, we have over 5000 pictures of actual clients on the website, and thousands more in the salon albums. Nobody has more!

Are you the best hair extensions salon?

Yes, we do more techniques than anyone else. We are Masters in all of the techniques. We have a dozen that we invented that are patent pending. We have 15 hair extensions artists, and we have performed over 100,000 extensions. Nobody is even close!

Do you have hair loss options?

Of course! We have over Eleven different hair loss options also, we are a women's hair loss salon, and nobody has more options for women. All hair loss treatments are done in private rooms.

Where are you located?

We are located in Astoria, Queens, NY. We are minutes away from all areas of New York, NJ, and CT. We chose our location due to its central location. It is easy to get to from all areas. See directions in this Home Section. You can drive or take the train; it is so easy to get to!

Are you a full Service Salon?

Yes, we have Master hair colorists, hair cutters, skin care pro's, Brazilian Keratin Pro's, Waxing Pro's, etc. We do all top hair services. Every one we have is the best at what they do!

I found a cheap price for extensions on Craigslist, why should I go to you?

We are the best in the world. Many People on Craigslist are not pro's and use cheap hair. I have fixed hundreds of people's head who thought they were getting a deal on hair extensions, only to have their hair ruined.

Should I tip the hair extensions artist after the process?

Yes, most people tip between 5-10% of the service. No credit card tips, cash only.

Do hair extensions hurt?

No, some people have very sensitive scalps though, so if you are one of them, please let us know during the consultation.

Do hair extensions damage your hair?

No, as long as they are professionally applied and professional removed, your hair will be fine.

How much do Full Lace Front Wigs cost?

Since we deal in only the best of the best lace front wigs, our price range with application and style ranges from $800 and up. Come in for a free consultation, and see our private lace wigs showroom, on a separate floor of our salon.

How much do hair weaves cost?

Price range on hair weaves, since we only use premium hair weave techniques and hair, is $500 and up. We give you exact pricing depending on multiple factors during the consultation.

How much does the Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment cost?

Price range is $250 for shoulder lengths hair,and we pro-rate it if it is any longer.

How much is a Brazilian Wax?

We charge $40 for the first time, $55 there after. It is the best Brazilian Wax out there.

How much are haircuts, colors and highlights?

Women's haircuts average $55, Men's cuts $25, highlights $60 - $150, color $60-$200, and depends on hair lengths, type of highlights and colors. Best thing to do is come in for a free consultation and exact pricing.

I have more questions, what should I do?

Call to set up a free consultation and hair analysis! You have nothing to lose!

I am a hair stylist and interested in coming in for a free consult to learn more about your extensions. Can I come?

Go elsewhere! As funny as the question may be, many stylist try to act like clients to learn more information. Please go someplace else, we don't have time for games.

Can I copy your information for my website?

NO! We have a legal team that does internet scans to make sure people don't copy our website. You will receive legal notices from our lawyers if you do so.

I have a bad attitude, will you service me?

NO, if you have a bad attitude, are hostile, or have any issue which prevent you from being cordial and respectful, please go to another salon. We like to keep our salon very peaceful and don't service people looking to cause problems.

I don't have any money now, can I do a hair service?

You can put hair extensions or hair systems on layaway, and do your hair after services are paid in full. All extensions and hair loss systems are paid before services are rendered.

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