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Hair Center International Hair Salon NYC

The truth is, many women change their furniture more often than they change their hair. Once you find a look that works, it can be a little scary to attempt anything new.

But, seriously, isn't it time to go for a more modern, or even just a different, look? Styles keep changing - but your hair is just staying the same all the time. Hair Center International Hair Salon, NYC, offers everything you need to take that outdated style and turn your 'do into something fresh and fabulous.
Need hair extensions?
Check. Want something a little simpler, like a natural-looking hair piece? Hair Center International has you covered. What if you're just plain worn out, and need a full day of beauty treatments, like facials and salon services? Hair Center International Hair Salon, NYC, can fill all these needs and more.

What treatments will you choose today?
The professional staff at Hair Center International, NYC, will help you find the procedures and treatments that will leave you looking and feeling pampered and refreshed.

Have a few unsightly hairs you'd like to have removed?
Hair Center International offers hair removal services to leave your skin smooth and beautiful. Have a problem with losing a little too much hair? Talk to a staff member about hair loss and hair replacement services.

Want to look your best with an oxygen facial and eyelash extensions?
The full complement of salon and spa treatments at Hair Center Int., NYC, are just what you need.

Our Hair Salon in New York offering the best in hair salon and beauty services in NYC, New York, Astoria, and Queens, NY.  The showroom at Hair Center International is filled with the world-famous Hair Center Int. hair extensions that made such a splash at a European hair show (winning best in show, and winning the day). Here, you'll find thirty-five different types of extensions, from Removable to Integration. If you can't find a style here, you just aren't looking! Whether you want to add texture, volume or length, Hair Center International hair extensions provide plenty of selection so you're sure to get a style you'll love. You'll also be treated to a wide collection of lace front wigs in the Hair Center International, NYC, showroom. Simply slip one on to have ready-to-wear style that always looks great - no matter what your real hair might be doing at the time.

When was the last time you changed the way your hair looks? Isn't it time you tried something a little different, a little newer? Isn't it time you enjoyed the services available at Hair Center International, NYC?

We are located on Steinway St, Astoria, NYC. Private services are available to meet all your hair and beauty needs.

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