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We at Hair Center International offer the widest range of hair extensions in the industry. We also offer procedures that are not fully listed on our site. These include the following:

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Ultra Strands

This is another technique that is keratin based that attached to you hair using small group strands. Similar to Great Lengths and SoCap in process. If offer this technique for individuals who want this brand. I personally recommend Great Lengths and LuxHair for the high end and SoCap for the lower to middle end. But if offer this brand for people who call and specifically ask for it. Part of my job is to offer the broadest selection, and this round out the Keratin portfolio.

More Techniques
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We at Hair Center International offer the new NeoExtensions hair extensions line. This method is a double loop based method that is reusable. Very nice system that we like to use for some body applications and works great with highlights. Unique colors like blue are in right now for highlights in certain areas, so this method works for some quick highlights at an affordable price. If you want to learn more about this hair extension system, make sure to visit our salon for a free hair analysis and consultation.

Invislines Hair Extensions

We offer a new, exciting hair extension technique in our salon, that is only found in our posh hair salon. This new technique, is called Invislines Hair Extensions. This is a patent pending technique, that was developed in house in our top of the line hair extension salon. Basically, it uses a hair extensions strip, about an inch wide, that is strategically placed under your hair line. This hair line then pulls hair thru various strategic points, which attaches hair to your hair.

The advantage of this system is speed and costs. It takes about an hour for full head of extensions. It is great for people with shorter time horizons, people who might need hair extensions for weddings, honeymoons, proms, this system can work for you.

We try to have many systems, that are available for all need types. Everything from one day, to 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or reusable for 1 1/2 years. Hair Center International has something for everyone.

Euro Strands

Fusion Based Hair Extensions systems based on premium hair extensions at a reasonable price. We offer many Remy based Indian and European Strand Hair Extensions that are too numerous to list on website.

Euro Links

European based linking system popular in Europe Right now. Uses a special linking based system that is different from other attachments on the market.

Premium Locks

Hair Extensions system based on Virgin Hair Textures using and Lock and Seal hair system for attachment mechanism. Unique system only found in our hair salon.

Pinter Designs

Unique Design of hair extensions which snaps on and off and can be attached in one's own home. Design is only found in our premium hair extensions salon.

Ombre Hair Extensions

Special Layout of Hair Extensions which creates a modern effect and style that is highly desirable right now. We were the original creators of the ombre hair design, and have been doing it for over 10 years. It has become popular now, even though we have been on the cutting edge of hair extensions for over 20 years.

Cross Mesh Extensions

Special Extensions type using a hair net link for cross linking hair to your natural hair extensions. Found only at Hair Center International.

Phantom Integration

A hair loss system that is invisible in both touch and feel. Uses high bonding strands to hide hair loss and build hair fullness throughout your hair.

Master Bonds

Master Bonds is a hair loss based system for women designed for frontal hair loss along the crown that is both invisible to the naked eye and gives a natural part along the hairline.

Thermal Hair Extensions

Thermal attached hair extensions attaches hair to your own using a special thermal energy source for bonding of your hair extensions.

Misc Extensions

We do many miscellaneous hair extensions types, that we do not even bother listing out. We do printable hair extensions, zebra hair extensions, cheetah hair extensions; use many types of hair extensions brands in Remy, Indian, and European that we do not list out. Other salons claim these techniques they do to up the count of their extensions types. We do not; otherwise we would be at over 200+ hair extensions types. Don't be fooled by other salons claims. We also know many techniques that are bad for your hair like Brazilian knot, dreadlocks, etc, but we don't offer it, because it damages your hair. We know of 20 techniques but don't offer them because if their damaging effects on your natural hair. These are not listed in our totals. Also hair can come in many textures, like wavy, straight, curly, deep curly, under different brands. Again, we don't count these as separate techniques.

Glam Hair

We carry the Glam Hair Product line. This includes a double tape hair extension system that can be applied in about an hour. Glam Hair uses 100% Human Hair, as do all of our products. When you come in for a consult, we see if this double tape, quick hair extension method is going to be the right type of hair extension system for you.

Secret Hair

We also carry the Secret Hair Product line of hair extensions. Secret hair is an Easy to add on easy to remove hair extensions line. The hair comes in 22 hair colors and 7 hair lengths. It uses 100% Human Hair, as do all of our hair extensions lines. What makes this hair extension type work well is the ease of use, and you can add and remove the hair by yourself.

Hair You Wear Lines

We offer all of the Hair You Wear Lines, Such as Jessica Simpson, Raquel Welch, Gabor, and Ken Paves at our salon. Just take your pick, it is offered in out top of the line hair extensions salon and female hair replacement.

Tinsel Hair Extensions

We offer various types of Tinsel Hair Extensions. Tinsel extensions are popular as a hair highlight, you usually do a few pieces, or up to 10 pieces in your hair. It is a very youthful look, and is quite popular now as a hair accent. We charge $10 per piece of Tinsel Extensions. We have multiple colors in Tinsel Extensions, so feel free to come by, and we can give you a new look.

Jewel Extensions

We also have special Jewel Extensions that are flat ironed onto your hair. These Jewel Extensions give your hair a diamond type of look. Jewel extensions are popular for prom extensions or events. We have many types of jewel extensions, and prices can be around $10 -$20 each. You can do a walk in, and see what we have.

Crystal Extensions

We also carry various lines of Crystal hair extensions with different types of attachment methods. Swarovski crystals are some of our most popular form of this extension type.

Dream Dots Extensions

A new hair extension type invented in house. A Micro way to attach hair extensions close to the hairs tips and not the base. We are the only salon to offer this technique.

More Information

We are the Top Hair Salon that provides more hair weaving techniques. Other Salons try to increase the amount of selections to their hair extension menu, by offering types that are either repetitive in nature, or very poor in quality. For example, Euro Locs, Shrinkes. Microlinks, Microillusions, etc are all the lowest quality hair extension techniques for metal based systems, and are not used by my salon on purpose. The best for types are Hair Locs, Short2Long, and Remylinks, and these are the ones that I offer.

Cinderella Hair is of extremely poor hair quality. It does not last long, so I do not offer it in my salon. There are also many pre-tipped hair extensions with keratin or silicon on the market, or that are sold raw, that others try to pass off as a technique. Don't be fooled! Many are not the best of quality, and I refuse to do business with them, such as Lugo's, Sensational, and Adorable. All of the brands I use are known for the highest quality, Real Remy Hair, Cuticle Hair, and aligned correctly to last the longest.

There are many different types of Hair Weaving techniques also. I only consider three to be different in nature. I can compile a list of 20 weave types that I do, but they are all the same in nature, so none of them are listed on my site.

The Brazilian method is a hair extension technique that damages the hair and is painful to the user. Anyone who says different is just trying to make a sale, and we have no plans to offer this service in our salon. I was trained in this method early on in my career, and never liked it enough to offer it to my customers.I will travel the world for my customers to learn the latest and greatest hair extension trends and types. I have my own lab where I research hair and develop new ideas. I have contacts around the world that have me as exclusive distributors. I have my own patent pending designs and more in the development stage.

My goal is to bring to you the very best that I can, in an honest, well explained way.

At the last International beauty show, I saw many things that made me remember some other techniques that I learned and tried, and decided not to use. For example, saw a technique that used keratin balls that are placed in a heating pot. You heat up the keratin, and then you dip the hair in the keratin. You then attach the hair to the customer's hair. I have tried and have been approved to do this technique. Problem is that this is one of the worst techniques that I have ever tried. The keratin smears the rest of your hair, and it doesn't hold for long. I saw a handful of different companies, pedal this idea, and I had previous tried a couple of them many years ago. If someone tries to offer you this type of extension, run the other way. This will ruin your hair.

I also want to point out that I only use 100% human Remy cuticle hair. There are many companies out their, like Micropoint and ProHair that use synthetic hair. I do not offer any synthetic hair in my product portfolio. That is on purpose! Doing so would cheapen my offerings. I only like to offer high quality extension types and products, and can't imagine trying to sell synthetic hair to anyone with a straight face. I am sorry, but I cannot do that, and will not do that to my customers.

Female Hair Loss Treatments and Solutions

One of the best things about our salon is that we are female hair loss specialists. We have many different female hair loss treatments and solutions, in our NYC, New York hair salon, located in Astoria, Queens, and NY. We are a female hair loss treatment center, with clients from all over the Tri-State area, such as in Westchester, New York, New Jersey, CT, Boston, Long Island, Nassau, Philadelphia, Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. We specialize in same day solutions and treatments.

We treat Alopecia, female pattern boldness, female hair loss, menopause hair loss, birth control hair loss, thyroid hair loss, pregnancy hair loss, cancer hair loss, medical hair loss, chemo hair loss, teenage hair loss, and female thinning hair.

We treat African American hair loss, elderly hair loss, Caucasian hair loss, and all nationalities. We use 100% human hair, no artificial hair. All of our hair is Remy hair, and comes in many textures, such as Yaki, European, Indian, Russian, and Virgin.

We have many hair integration units and thinning hair loss treatments for females. We don't do hair loss for men, only for women.

So if you're in the market for female hair treatments, hair solutions look no future than our New York location, for the best in hair treatments.