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Mink Eyelashes Extensions-Individual Eyelashes Extensions

Hair Center International Salon and Spa offers many different Eyelashes Extensions in our NYC, New York location, located in Astoria, Queens, NY. We have Extreme Individual Eyelash Extensions, Lavish Individual Eyelash Extensions and we have Mink Eyelashes Extensions. Mink Eyelashes Extensions are an individual eyelash extension system. It uses real Mink hairs in the eyelash extensions.

The Individual Eyelash Extension Process is the following. You first have an eyelash extension consultation. Here we tell you about the product and how it works. If you agree, we take you down to our Eyelash Extensions room. Here we start the process of Individual Eyelash Extensions. Each eyelash gets its own eyelash extension. As you might be able to tell, the process takes time. It is very tedious, but our professional staff likes it that way. We take our time. This ensures the Individual Eyelash Extensions are done correctly, and do not fall out.

NYC Best Individual Eyelashes Extensions Salon is the best Mink Eyelashes Extensions Salon in NYC, New York, NY, NJ, CT, Manhattan area. Individual Eyelash Extensions last for 2-3 months on average After wards, you will need to come ever 2 weeks or so for maintenance. Why so often? Your eyelashes are soft and delicate, and if you roll around a lot on your pillow, or wash them to rough, some will fall out.

The advantages of Mink Eyelash Extensions or Eyelashes Extensions in general are numerous. Your Eyelashes look great. No need for Mascara. You get long, beautiful eyelashes that you would never have in only one day's treatment.

We charge $400 for Mink Eyelashes Extensions, in our Astoria, Queens, NYC New York location. We have three dedicated eyelashes extensions pro's, at our NY location in Astoria. The Maintenance average $60-$80 depending on the condition of your Mink Eyelashes Extensions.

As I write on our NYC Hair Salon Blog site, this isn't cheap, but the customer who can afford it, it is well worth it. People travel to us from Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey, CT, Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Boston and Philadelphia. So, if you are interested in Mink Eyelash Extensions or Individual Eyelash Extensions in general, call us for a free consultation.


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