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Micro Xtreme - Micro Hair Extensions

New York's premium salon

We have yet another in house technique that nobody else offers, that was invented in our top salon. It is called Micro Xtreme. Micro Xtreme is a Micro Hair Extensions that uses the smallest hair, the smallest hair bonding and the smallest linking system on the market today. It is so small we use special magnifiers, surgical tools in our attachment of the hair extensions. Hair Center Int. is the New York, NYC, NY leader in all hair extensions, and our Micro Hair Extensions technique adds another fantastic technique to our portfolio. People in New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, Manhattan, Philadelphia, Boston, Brooklyn, Bronx, etc have flocked to our NY Salon for years, being the best in all extensions.

Best in CitySearch Since 2010.

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Micro Xtreme extensions are popular because you hardly feel or see a thing. We have trained specialist that are experts in our in house technique. When in comes to all Micro type hair extensions, we are the NYC hair leader, the World hair leader. No wonder everyone is jealous of our New York salon, no one can compete!

Micro Xtreme - Micro Hair Extensions
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Offering so many extensions and Micro type hair extension techniques leaves people wondering, what to choose? What you do is set up a free consult. Based on your hair, goals, budget after the evaluation, we make recommendations that match your lifestyle needs. Maybe it is Micro hair extensions, maybe it is not. We can tell after our meeting with you. If you want to do something great, if not, no problem. All evaluations are free, so you have Zero to lose.

New York leader in Micro Hair Extensions, Micro Extensions, Micro Human Hair Extensions. All Micro extensions use 100% human hair. That is premium, Remy hair, sourced from the best suppliers around. Comes in all hair textures like curly micro extensions, straight micro extensions and Yaki micro extensions.