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Microchet Hair Extension System - Microchet Extensions

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We at Hair Center International are very proud to have a brand new hair extension technique that is just hitting the market. It is called Dream Catchers, and is sponsored by Paris Hilton. Do you love Paris Hilton? Do you want great hair like Paris Hilton? If you answered yes, then you might want to check out a new hair extensions line modeled after her hair, called Dream Catchers. We are a top DreamCatchers Salon in the NYC, NY, NJ, CT area.

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Dream Catchers is a High End Hair Extension Technique, which uses very fine virgin, Remy cuticle hair, and is attached using a special metal link based system. This makes the hair re-usable.

Microchet Hair Extension System - Microchet Extensions
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We are pleased at Hair Center International to offer a system that is unique in the way it works. Most non glue/heat based systems use some form of like copper or aluminum to attach hair to your own hair using a cylinder as the go between. Microchet Hair Extensions uses hair that comes with its ends in the shape of loops. These loops are attached to your hair using a threading technique. The advantage is your hair feels light with no glues or metals. We are the leaders in the USA in Microchet Hair Extensions. We were one of the first Microchet hair Masters, performing all of the Various Microchet Hair Extension types. Our Microchet extensions salon is located in NYC, New York, NY, close to CT, Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey, and Philadelphia.

We are Microchet Hair Extensions Masters. We have been Masters in Microchet since the system first came out! We perform all 4 different Microchet Hair Extensions types . The 4 types of Microchet Hair Extension types are A-D. We have completed a private Microchet course with the Microchet founder, which earned us a Master degree, as a top Microchet Hair Extensions Salon. The different techniques are used for different goals, everything from hair extensions to hair replacement types. We are located in New York, NY, in Astoria, Queens, NYC, minutes from Manhattan, NJ, CT, Long Island, Westchester, Philadelphia, Boston, etc.

Our salon performs the best Microchet extension types and loop based hair extension methods and there is a no heat or harsh chemicals involved in this technique. There is no pulling or stress to your own hair. It is a gentle technique that is available today. No links, metal bonds or keratin is used. Microchet is popular with women who do not want to use Keratin or Heat techniques.

Hair comes in sizes up to 22 inches, and the cuticles are aligned to prevent tangles. Call us to find out more about this technique or many others at Hair Center International. We go out of our way to bring you the latest styles that are available on the market.

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