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    We women, we sure do go through a lot. We have so many hormonal issues that happen throughout our lives that can cause hair loss. One of the most well known is Menopause Hair loss. Menopause hair loss is due to our bodies changes in the production and levels of Progesterone and Estrogen. With Menopause hair loss, many women develop male types of hair loss or hair thinning. Our New York hair loss salon is specialists when it comes to Menopause hair loss. Located in NYC, New York, NY, we serve the NJ, CT, Philadelphia, Boston, Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island and Westchester areas.

    We offer 100 different hair addition and hair loss options. Most work well for Menopause hair loss. We determine what is going to be best for you after a free evaluation. The extent of your hair loss determines what technique will be best for you. We are NY's go to destination for women seeking a Menopause Hair loss specialist in NYC, NY.

    Menopause hair loss happens to around 25% of females. It is very common and can reverse after a couple of years, or can stay permanent. What our salon does is make it look like it never happened. We fill in thinning areas of your head. We also cover balding spots. We have the most advanced hair loss techniques on the market. We are Menopause hair loss specialists in New York.

    Menopause can cause mood swings, depression, hair loss and more. Women need a place to go that understand other women's need. We are a women's hair loss salon. Our clients are women. Our hair loss specialists are women. That is why so many females trust our salon for Menopause hair loss and all of their hair needs.

    Visit for a free consult to go over your Menopause hair loss.


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    Menopause Hair Loss
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