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  • Hair Loss Due to Medical Reasons such as Chemo, Prescriptions, Medicines and more.

    Hair Loss can happen for a number of factors. This page talks about female hair loss due to medical reasons and conditions. Every woman's body reacts differently to medication. Hair loss can be a side effect of many types of medications and prescriptions taken by us women. For example, some people can lose hair due to birth control pills. Women can lose hair due to diet pills. Others while taking medications to control the thyroid, brain, etc. Depression medications can cause female hair loss. Then there are the more serious issues of side effects due to Chemotherapy. These are all serious issues for us ladies to worry about. If you feel that you have hair loss due to medication, visit your doctor, and maybe he can switch you to something else. On other instants, see as Chemo, there are no other options for us.

    The question that we as women have is what we can do about this? Let us say we need to take that medication. Or the hair loss as already happened, and who knows what to do? We at Hair Center Int. are experts when it comes to having options for women in dealing with hair loss of all types, especially medical hair loss. Located in NY, NYC, New York, we are the world's top hair additions salon for women. We have clients visit us from Manhattan, Philadelphia, Boston, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester, Brooklyn, Bronx, Upstate NY, and all over the USA and the world. Why do women from all over the USA travel to us? Simply because we are the best in Alopecia, Hair Loss for Women. Most of our 100 Plus different Hair Additions can be used for Medical Hair Loss. It depends on the amount of hair loss and where it is located.

    We recommend you come in for a Look in our Hair Loss Tab; we have hundreds of real client pictures of women with all different types of hair loss including Medical Hair Loss. You can see how beautifully and naturally we have restored women's hair. That is why we are the best in New York, NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Philadelphia, and Boston when it comes to female medical hair loss.

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