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Lavish Eyelash Extensions

We at Hair Center International Famous Eyelash Extensions Salon of NYC, New York, located in Astoria; Queens, NY are leaders in the eyelash extensions field. We have done hundreds of Individual Eyelash Extensions, and have 2 private Eyelash Extensions rooms, in our plush Astoria, NY beauty salon. Hair Center International Best Lavish Eyelashes Extensions Salon in NYC, NY, New York, Manhattan, Long Island, and Queen’s area provides Multiple Individual Eyelashes extensions including lavish extensions.

We have 3 Eyelash Extensions people, to help you understand and do your Eyelash Extensions.What makes us so good? We take our time. We don't rush the process, hence your eyelashes last longer with us, that at other hair salons.

In Our Astoria, Queen's location, we are extensions professionals; hence no wonder eyelashes are easy for us. We do all kinds of extensions, so Individual Eyelashes come easy to us. We have many people that travel from Long Island, Manhattan, Westchester, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, New Jersey, Astoria, Forest Hills, Flushing, Bayside, Whitestone, and CT for Eyelash Extensions, so rest assured you will be in good hands with us.

We do Lavish Eyelashes Extensions, Xtreme Eyelash Extensions and Mink Eyelashes Extensions. Our Eyelashes Extensions pricing is the following:

Extreme Eyelashes Extensions $250
Lavish Eyelashes Extensions $250
Mink Eyelashes Extensions $400

Jennifer Lopez loves her Mink Eyelashes Extensions. Celebrities use Eyelash Extensions. You cannot have think, long Eyelashes, with Eyelash Extensions. That is why they are so popular.

Eyelash Extensions last up to 3 months. Each individual eyelash has a life span of around 90 days, so hence; your set cannot last longer than that. You will need to come in for maintenance every 2 weeks for refills. Each refill session costs $60-$80 on average.

Getting eyelash extensions isn't cheap, I must say. But, the advantages of looks make it worthwhile. You will not need Mascara.Besides ladies, our looks are priceless, so if you can afford the service and upkeep, it is well worth it.

Call our NY hair salon to make an appointment for your Individual Eyelash Extensions. Nobody is better in Eyelash extensions than us. New York, NYC, NJ, CT, Manhattan, Long island eyelashes leader.


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