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  •   We are a Premium Lace Wigs Salon that focuses only on top of the line Lace Wigs.
  •   We offer Lace Front Wigs, Full Lace Wigs, Partial Lace Wigs, Lace Frontals, and Custom Lace Front Wigs.
  •   We have a Private Lace Front Wigs Showroom, on a Private Floor of our Salon.
  •   We offer SAME DAY Consultations and Application of Lace Wigs.
  •   We have 15 Full Time Lace Front Wigs Professionals at our Salon.
  •   We have 3 Private VIP rooms for application, including Fendi Furniture, Private Sinks, and LCD TV's.
  •   We are Serving areas of New York, NYC, NY, NJ, CT, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island, Westchester, and Staten Island.
  •   Offer Deluxe Combinations of Partial Lace Front Wigs with Hair Extensions.
  •   We are a Premium Lace Front Wigs Salon and the Premier Hair Extension and Hair Replacement Salon for Woman.

Best in CitySearch Since 2010.

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Hair Center International Lace Front Wig Salon has a 4000SF Luxury location in one of the best areas of Queens, NYC. We have a beautiful Lace Front Wigs Showroom, which displays only top of the line, exclusive Lace Front Wigs. We only carry premium Lace Front Wigs. What make our Lace Wigs the best in the New York, NY area? What makes our Lace Front Wigs the best is the hair quality, density, design, and feel of each unit.Our construction of our wigs is simply the best. We serve the NYC, NY area with clients from Long Island, Westchester, Bronx, Brooklyn, NJ, CT, Manhattan and all around the East Coast.

Lace Front Wigs
  •   Full Lace Front Wigs
  •   Partial Lace Wigs
  •   Custom Lace Fronts
  •   Glue-less lace wigs
  •   Lace wigs with n without skin
  •   European wigs
  •   Chemo wigs
  •   Poly lace wigs
  •   Mesh wigs

We have ALL Types of Lace Wigs. We Have Full Lace Front Wigs, Partial Lace Wigs, Custom Lace Fronts, Glue-less lace wigs, lace wigs with skin, without skin, lace wigs with baby hair, mono lace wigs, filament wigs, European wigs, chemo wigs, poly lace wigs, mesh wigs, Swiss lace wigs, french lace wigs, machine weft wigs, and invisible lace wigs and more!

We offer you the opportunity to pick your Lace Front Wig, from our beautiful private showroom,, or to have one custom made for you. We have 3 Gorgeous, Luxury private rooms, for you to come in, and have them applied. Our price for our Lace Wigs includes application. Each room has a private hair sink, TV, stereo, Fendi furniture. We have 15 full time hair extensions and Lace Front Wig personnel to apply them for you in privacy. Our Lace Front Wigs are undetectable; nobody will know you have one on. Other competitors will say they have the best. We invite you to check theirs first. Once you are done, visit us. We guarantee that you will love ours the best. Nobody has better Lace Wigs, Lace Frontals, Partial Lace Wigs, and Full Lace Wigs in the New York, NY area. Our top clients love them, and we are sure that you will to. We specialize in African American women. We have medical wigs, and many Alopecia Wigs. We have a full line of hair integration units, and many other non Lace Front Wigs Solutions in our salon. Visit our showroom, and get a free hair consultation. We offer 100 Different Hair Extension and Hair Replacement options, so we have something for everyone in our New York location. When looking for 100% Human Remy Lace Front Wigs, our hair salon is the best provider of lace wigs in the New York area.

When looking for a Lace Front Wig, there are a lot of factors you need to look at, that will help you pick the rightHuman Lace Front Wig.We at Hair Center International of NYC, New York, located in Queens, New York City, are experts in Lace Wigs manufacturing, design, and application. What makes our NYC Remy Lace Front Wigs so special? Our hair quality is fantastic. We have many different Lace Front Wigs textures, such as Yaki Lace Front Wigs, European Lace Front Wigs, Russian Lace Front Wigs, Indian Lace front Wigs, and Ethiopian Lace Front Wigs. Our hair feels soft and silky for our European and virgin textures. We have the more course textures in Yaki that many African American Girls find appealing to them.

When you come to our 100% Human Lace Wigs Salon in New York City, Astoria Queens, you are greeted by our professional staff. We then have you sit with our lace wig consultations pro in our Lace Front Wigs Private Consultation room, where we show you people with your hair type and style, and the different looks that they were able to obtain. Some girls want the Beyonce Lace Front Wig look. Therefore we have many Beyonce Lace Front Wigs that are straight hair lace wigs, wavy lace wigs or curly lace wigs. When you see their look, you can then decide what type of look you might want to achieve.

We then take you to our Remy Lace Front Wigs Showroom, where we have dozens of Premium Lace Front Wigs on Display. Here you can touch them, feel them, and even try one on if you hair and scalp are not greasy or oily. (It damages the wig).When you find the ideal lace front wig, you can then have one of our 15 Professional Lace Front Wig specialists, apply the unit. Our pricing includes the application.

You will have your gorgeous Lace Wig applied in private. As I said earlier, we have 3 gorgeous private rooms for application. Here you can relax, watch TV, have some cookies and coffee, or even a hand massage from our masseuse.

We are experts in Lace Front Wigs styling. Other places do not even have licensed hair dressers. We are all licensed cosmetologists in our salon.We are experts in taking the Lace Front Wig, and making beautiful hair styles out of the lace front wig. A lace front wig style like what Oprah and Beyonce looks so good because of the Lace Front Wig Styling. You need a pro to style it, to make the under hair braiding tight. We are experts in this area. We specialize in African American or Black women. They make up the majority of Lace Front Wig purchasers. We cater to excellent service in a private, professional NYC salon. Our location in Astoria, Queens, is in a very beautiful neighborhood that is very safe, and has a lot of parking available. We are also one block away from the Steinway St subway station, so you can take the R or the V trains. You can also go shopping in this beautiful, trendy neighborhood. We have many visitors from Westchester, CT, NJ, Long Island, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, all because we are close by highway or public transportation.

We carry all types of Premium Lace Front Wigs. The most popular is the 100% Human Full Lace Front Wigs. Full Lace Front wigs are Lace Front Wigs that cover the whole head . Here we cover your whole headline with the unit, exposing the beautiful nature of the Lace Front Wigs hair and design. Our Full Lace front wigs all have baby hair also. Full Lace Front Wigs come in all the various textures, and are most popular in our Salon for African American Women. Our Density is very full, making this the lace front wig to have. You need to come in and feel this beautiful full lace front wig for yourself, to see why it is so great.

We also carry many Partial Lace Front Wigs. Partial Lace Front Wigs are a perfect combination with extensions, another one of our specialties. We are extension experts, so a partial lace front wig in combination with extensions, is a very beautiful, natural look that many stars and celebrities use.

Our specialty is Custom Lace Front Wigs. Here we make the Lace Front wig for you from scratch. A mold of your head is taken. We design it with you in colors and textures, to fit your head perfectly. It takes 4-6 weeks to make, and is perfect for the person who is looking for a custom hair look. If you don't find something in stock, don't worry, you can have a Custom Made Lace Front Wig.

Whatever you do, just make sure you pay our salon a visit. We are the Best Lace Front Wigs Salon in New York. You need to see and feel the difference. We treat everyone great, and your setting is very private and personal.

Nobody in the New York City, New York area does Lace Wigs, Lace Front Wigs like Hair Center International. We have dozens of in stock Lace units. Our Lace Wigs are 100% Natural Remy Human hair. We only sell premium lace wigs, with our superior structure and design, are the best lace wigs on the market. We have full lace wigs, partial lace wigs, custom lace front wigs, Swiss lace wigs, French lace wigs, stock lace wigs, celebrity lace wigs, lace cap wigs, Remy lace wigs. We have styles such as Beyonce lace front wigs, and many other Celebrity designed lace wigs. All of our lace front wigs come with a professional lace front wig application.Our adhesives are top notched, and can last form a few days to 5-6 weeks. There are other lace front wigs out there, but none can match our high quality. Our wigs are not cheap, but are worth the price. We also have designs that use Yaki hair, curly hair, straight hair, European, blonde hair, etc that can be designed into multiple lace hair designs.

Our lace front wigs can be used for all ethnic backgrounds, being African American women, Latin backgrounds, and Caucasian women. We handle much type of Medical conditions such as cancer treatments, alopecia, thinning hair, bald spots, etc. Lace top wigs, lace frontal wigs are popular for many of these conditions.

Many people use a partial lace front with one of my hair extension techniques for the back. This is a popular combination, and will discuss it further with you during our one on one consultation.

Come in for a Free Consultation and Hair Analysis to find out if this procedure is right for you. I will go thru all of your options, help you decide what type will look best on you, and help you with your whole overall look.