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Hair Weaving - Hair Weaves Salon

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Hair Center International is famous for having many different types of unique premium hair weaves. We have Over 7 different unique hair weaves, hair weaving solutions, in our top of the line New York, NY hair salon, located in Astoria, Queens, NYC. We offer more than 100 other extension types also! We serve the Manhattan, Queens, NJ, CT, Long Island, Westchester, Brooklyn, Bronx, New York Tri-State area. We do many types of hair weaves that other salons don't offer.

Hair Weaving - Hair Weaves Salon
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Ask yourself Hair Weaves or Hair Extensions? Many people come to our salon assuming all extensions are weaves. That is incorrect! There are many more options for you other that a traditional hair weave! Hair Weaves are great if you want to hide your hair texture. If you don't then other hair extension types might be better for your hair. At Hair Center International, we help find the ultimate hair salon solution for your hair. Call to set up a free consult, and we go over your hair options! Best hair weaves in New York, NYC, NY.

For regular hair weaves, we offer everything from interlocking hair weaves, sew in hair weaves, braid in hair weaves, Malaysian hair weaves, tracks hair weaves, seamless hair weaves and more. Best thing to do is visit our New York hair weaving salon, and get a free consultation.

I personally do not recommend hair weaves. I believe there are better hair options other than hair weaves, such as Fusion hair extensions. But hair weaves are a good option for women who want to cover up their hair texture type, or change their hair texture type. That is why we offer the free consultation, and based upon your budget and goals, we come up with the best recommendation for you. You have nothing to lose; we are Serving areas in New York, NYC, NY, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Our pricing on our weaves range from $500 - $1300. We only use premium hair for our weaves. Other extensions usually range from $500 -$2000.

At Hair Center International we offer numerous hair weaving systems to our clients. We have our own techniques that are in house as well as industry standards. Trained by the world famous weavers, we also offer the Interlocking Hair Weaving System. This is done without any foundation whatsoever, which means no braids, no poles, no cornrows tracks, no machines, no pre-tracking, no laser, and no bonding (glue). Our hair weaving solutions are unique, and we lead the NYC, NY, NJ, CT, Manhattan, Long Island, Queens, Westchester areas in all hair weaving and hair weave options.

We perform 7 different traditional hair weaves types such as sew in, interlocking, net weaves, braid weaves, and more in NYC, NY, New York, Manhattan, Long Island, Queens. We also offer the Wrap Net Weaving System. This system compliments the Interlocking Hair Weaving system and is combining to give you the best weave on the market. First we interlock your hair, and then we use a condition scalp hairdressing which prevents the hair from getting dry under the netting. Then we stitch the net onto the Interlocking System, and the weft-hair is sewed on to the netting. We then cut and style your hair using our professional expertise, giving you a layered feathered look, with absolutely no chops. We also do a partial weaves that provide increased fullness and length to your desire.

We also offer standard hair weaving solutions that basically attaches hair to a braid that is made into your hair. The advantages of these techniques are cost and time required to apply. Works great for African American women. Find out why we are the New York, NYC, NJ, CT, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx leaders in hair weaves.

All of our hair weaves use 100% Remy Hair. We do not use cheap hair types, only the best. That is why our hair weaves cost more than other salons. Weave in hair extensions are a specialty. Hair wefts, skin wefts, are also done. Call us to find out more about these exciting techniques. All consultations are always free!