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Lock InterHair - Hair Replacement Salon

New York's premium salon

We are both an extensions salon and a hair replacement salon. We have performed thousands of hair replacements and we have ELEVEN Different Options when it comes to Hair Replacement. Most of our Hair Replacement types were invented in the salon. That means no other salon offer our hair replacement technique. Another example of this is a process we called Lock InterHair. When it comes to hair replacement, no other New York, NYC, NY salon comes close to what we offer. That holds true for any replacement salons in New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, Westchester, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Boston, and Philadelphia.

Best in CitySearch Since 2010.

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Lock InterHair Hair Replacement is made for people that have a front hairline, and something we can show a front hairline. It used a technique that uses no glues or adhesives and is made for women who want to achieve full hair density in a safe, non damaging way.

Lock InterHair - Hair Replacement Salon
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Our Hair Replacement techniques are best gone over via a Free Evaluation. At the evaluation, depending on you hair loss, Alopecia type, we can figure out based on your lifestyle, goals, and budget, what is going to be the best hair replacement option for you. Call us today to set up a day and time, and we will take care of the rest. We are the New York destination for women who want their hair back, that want a solution for their Alopecia, and that is why we are the destination for thousands of women in NYC, NY, NJ, CT, Manhattan, Long Island and more. Our prices usually run half as much as our pricey Manhattan, New Jersey, Connecticut neighbors. Yet, are hair quality is twice as good.

So if you are looking for hair replacement in New York, hair replacement in New Jersey, or hair replacement options in a non surgical way, call our New York hair center today!