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Hair Repair Treatments

Hair Center International of NYC, New York located in Astoria Queens, NY is the leader in Hair Repair. We are proud to offer one of the only real hair repair systems that work, which is Biolustre Hair Repair. Biolustre is one of the only proven hair repair systems, proven in trials to repair broken and damaged hair.

Is your hair over processed from to many colors?
Is your hair dry or brittle?

Have you had too many weaves? Too many highlights or bleaching or corrective colors?
Then you need the Biolustre hair repair system. We are leaders in Biolustre hair repair. Hair is very sensitive, and it doesn't take much to damage our hair follicle layers. I have worked in the salon business for 20 years, and have seen hundreds of people with dry, damages hair, that is brittle and falling out. We were one of the first salons to offer this great hair repair system in NYC. We have clients from Long Island, Manhattan, Westchester, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and come to us for our hair repair treatments.

Biolustre is a hair savior used to bond and repair damaged hair thereby giving your hair a wonderful shine, fullness with fantastic results. We have other hair repair treatments, such as different hot oil treatments, etc, but nothing comes close to rebuilding your hair follicles like Biolustre Hair Repair System. We offer the Biolustre treatment in our salon, and we also offer follow up treatment Biolustre products for you to take home to your home, to continue with your hair repair process. As a professional, I urge you to try this Biolustre Hair Treatment. It will help your hair, and make it look better again.

Other products on the market simply make the hair look shinier. Biolustre actual works by repairing the hair, and giving your hair a wonderful shine, fullness with fantastic results. Scientific tests have been performed which have proven Biolustre works. The process repairs the synthetic carboxyl groups and places a new layer of keratin onto the hair shaft.

Right now, this is one of the hottest trends in the hair industry. Biolustre has taken Europe by storm and is only now spreading to the US. We are one of the first salons in our area to offer this exciting product.

Come in for a free hair analysis and consultation to see if Biolustre Hair Repair is the right treatment for your damaged hair. We also offer many other hair repair options, and will go over which hair repair treatment will be best for you.


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