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HairNetrics - Hair Replacement Salon

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We are the leader in female hair replacement solutions in the New York, NYC, NY area. We have developed an in house hair replacement system that is patent pending, and is only found in our hair replacement salon. This hair replacement system is called HairNetrics Hair Replacement Solution. This solution is a unique solution and is ideal for women with balding spots, very thin hair, women who suffer from Medical Hair Loss or genetic hair problems. That is why we are the NYC, NY, New York, NJ, CT hair loss leaders. We keep coming up with unique, original, hair replacement systems for women with hair loss that is much more affordable than our Manhattan, Long Island, and New Jersey competition.

Best in CitySearch Since 2010.

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This system is Glue less and works basically by me building a base foundation of hair, and pulling thru your existing hair into the design. It gets topped of with a Hair Unit which is attached to the base without any glue or adhesives. The whole process is done from scratch. Nothing is pre-made. Everything is custom to your head measurements and hair problem areas.

HairNetrics - Hair Replacement Salon
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Ideal for women who do not want the adhesives that are used in Lace Front Wigs and the hair is washable on top of your head. Service touchups are monthly and hair can be reused for up to a year. HairNetrics Hair Replacement is a unique solution and is ideal for women with balding spots, very thin hair and for women who suffer from Medical Hair Loss or genetic hair problems.

We are the premier Hair Replacement Salon in the NYC, NY area. Our Hair Replacement Salon is located in Astoria, Queens, New York. We have served the New York area for over 20 years. We are female hair replacement pro's. Our female hair replacement solutions cost half as much as our competitors in Manhattan, and yet our hair replacement solutions are made better, and use much better hair quality. That is why we have people travel to us from Westchester, NJ, CT, Manhattan, Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Philadelphia, and Boston for our female hair replacement treatments and female hair replacement solutions.

We have many different female hair replacement solutions in our salon. We have about 11+ different female hair replacement types and treatments in our salon. We specialize in female hair loss, and have many types of hair replacement options in our salon. We treat Female Alopecia, Female Pattern hair loss, and temporary female hair loss at our female hair replacement salon. Other hair replacement salons focus on men, and can make you feel out of place. That is why Hair Center International deals with women only; we are women Hair Replacement Salon located in New York, NY.

If interested in this exciting new system, a free consultation and hair analysis is provided to go over this option along with the many, many other solutions that I have only at Hair Center Int. You have nothing to lose.