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Hairlocs Hair Extensions - Hair Locs

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As the world's top hair extensions salon, we offer all types of hair extension techniques we find that do not damage the hair. We offer the Hairlocs hair extensions system for just that reason. Hairlocs was one of the first reusable link based hair systems. Hairlocs has been around for many years, and we have been a Hairlocs certified salon for well over 10 years. We are located in Astoria, Queens, NY in New York, NYC minutes from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island, Westchester, NJ and CT. We are Hair Locs specialists. We offer all Hair Locs extensions and we perform all of the regular maintenance on hairlocs extensions.

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We are Hairlocs hair extensions experts. We have done many different Hairlocs hair extensions, and we offer many different Hairlocs types of extensions. We always recommend visiting our top New York salon, get a free consultation, and then we can see what is going to be the best system for you, either being Hairlocs, or something else. We can find which reusable extension system is going to be correct for your needs and look.

Hairlocs Hair Extensions - Hair Locs
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Hair Center International is the Leading HairLocs Hair Extensions Salon serving NYC, NY, New York, Manhattan, Long Island, NJ and CT area. Hairlocs became popular because the hair can be re-used and adjusted closer to your scalp every 2-3 months. That means you can don't need to buy new hair all of the time. This will save you money in the long term. When you buy an extensions system that is reusable, the cost advantage is high because you save on the hair and only spend on the maintenance. You can reuse the hair you have, and Hair Locs is a system that is reusable.

Hairlocs hair extensions come in many different colors and shades. Hairlocs also comes in many different hair lengths types. Hairlocs can be colored, treated, washed, and cut just like your own hair. That is an advantage of Hairlocs. Also Hairlocs is 100% human hair extensions, so you can feel secure in wearing your HairLocs hair extensions. The Hairlocs Hair Extension System uses 100% human hair from Europe. Hair Locs is still very popular and is one of the most popular types of extensions.

The hair is custom colored and cut to blend into your hair. You can also just use the hair for hair highlighting, volume for thinning hair, and more. You don't only need to use it if you want length, you can use it for volume and other needs as well.

Hair Centre Int. currently concentrates on the NYC, NY, NJ, New York, New Jersey, Westchester, Long Island, Manhattan, and Ct area, with customers in Boston, Philadelphia, & Pittsburg. Best thing to do is visit our World Famous hair salon and we can help you figure out if Hairlocs hair extensions are the extension technique right for you.