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World's Premier Hair Extensions Salon
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Hair Center International
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We are the World's Premier Hair Extensions Salon

World's Best Hair Extensions Salon, offering over 100 Different Hair Extension Types and Performed 100,000+ Hair Extensions

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  •   Over 100 Different Hair Additions Types ( Over 200+ Techniques if you count like other salons do.)
  • 25,000 Separate Individual Hair Extensions Performed, 10,000+ Female Hair Loss Systems and 10,000+ Lace Front Wigs Applications Performed Not Including Repeat Customers and Re-Use of Existing Systems! If those are included, we have done over 100,000 Hair Extensions and Hair Loss Systems!
  • 500,000 + Hair Bundles or Equivalents installed!
  •   Most Hair Extensions Techniques Anywhere !
  •   We only use 100% Human Premium Hair for all Extensions
  •   We have the Most Solutions for Thin and Thinning Hair
  •   Huge staff of 30 Hair Extensions Professionals
  •   Massive Inventory of Human Hair Extensions
  •   In and Out the same day with hair extensions completed!
  •   Close to all areas of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut
  •   Voted Best Hair Extensions Salon
  •   Private Rooms, Full Service Hair Salon, Hair Colors, Cuts, Styling!

hairextensions by city search

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  • Hair Centre International, is a Famous Hair Extensions Salon that has performed over 100,000 hair extensions and offers over 100 Different types of Hair Extensions. We are the best salon for hair extensions found anywhere on the planet. We have thousands of clients come to us from all areas of the world, from Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa. We are the best hair salon in the world for hair extensions.

    We do every type of hair extension type that is healthy and good for your hair. If the technique is a good one, it is offered in our salon. We have OVER 30 DIFFERENT TYPES of EXTENSIONS that are only found in our salon. These were invented by us, for our clients only. We have 4 VIP private rooms, in our salon, used for people from Amanda Bynes to Movie studios for films. Voted the best hair salon year after year.

    We have the best prices for hair extensions. Our starting prices are reasonable, and we go all the way to the most luxurious hair extensions found anywhere. We have real Russian Hair extensions in our salon. We have the best European hair extensions. We have hair extensions for African American Women. We have blond hair extensions, curly hair extensions, black hair extensions, brown hair extensions, in all lengths and colors. Want 24 inch hair extensions? Want 16 inch hair extensions. Our New York hair extensions salon has them, and they are all in stock.

    We have been voted best in hair extensions, best hair extensions, in NY, NYC, New York for as long as we can remember. We are near Manhattan, so if you live in Manhattan and want hair extensions, we are 10 minutes away. If you live in New Jersey, or work in NJ, we are 15 minutes away from NJ. If you live in Connecticut, and want hair extensions,we are 15 minutes away from CT. We are closer than nay other Manhattan salon for people in Long Island. Do you live in Long Island, LI? Well, we are very close. Same day service for all hair extensions. No need for a double visit to another hair salon or beauty salon.

    When looking for hair extensions salons, many people claim to be the best hair extensions. We post pictures of some of our clients for hair extensions. We have the most hair extensions pictures. Look at other hair salon, and ask, where are the hair extensions pictures. We have thousands.

    If you are searching for hair extensions NYC, hair extensions NY, hair extensions New Jersey, or best hair extensions, make sure you visit us today, we are the best for hair extensions. Staff of over 30 strong! Full service hair salon. We do hair colors, hair cuts, hair highlights. We do the whole process, from start to finish. We will help you get the ultimate look.

    We do everything from Fusion hair extensions, Great Lengths Hair Extensions, Micro Rings Hair Extensions, Micro Links hair extension types, Balmain hair extensions, Hot Heads hair extensions, seamless hair extensions, and tape hair extensions. There is no type of hair extension that we do not do. We are hair extension specialists. Hair Additions, hair extension methods. We specialize in short hair extensions, hair extensions for short hair and long hair extensions. You can have permanent hair extensions or reusable hair extensions.

    We are a Human Hair Extensions Salon that focuses only on Human Hair Extensions. We are the leader in NYC, New York in our Astoria, Queens, NY location for Human Hair Extensions Salons. We do not offer any Artificial Hair Extensions. All of our 100 Human Hair Extensions are all natural 100% Natural Remy Cuticle Human Hair Extensions. People always call me and ask me if we use Human hair extensions, and I say of course, we only use Human Hair, only the best, and that is why we are called a NYC Human Hair Extensions Salon, Long Island Human Hair Extensions Salon, Westchester Human Hair Extensions Salon, Manhattan Human Hair Extensions Salon, etc. Our Human hair extensions come in different colors and shades. We have Yaki Human Hair Extensions, Natural Human Hair Extensions, Curly Human Hair Extensions, Straight Human Hair Extensions, Long Human Hair Extensions, and much more. I recommend you come in for a free hair consultation, where you can see, feel, touch, and see all of our different human hair types, and we can see which one is the best for you. We have done over 100,000 Human Hair Extensions and Human Hair replacement types.

    NYC, NY, New York experts in everything Human Hair additions related. Add Hair Length, Lengthen your hair, add body to your hair, make your hair thicker, fuller, and longer. Experts when it comes to thin hair. Most solutions for women with thin hair and women with thinning hair. Hair additions to help you achieve the look you want. Lace Front Wigs specialists, Full Lace Wigs, Remy Wigs, Lace Fronts, Human Lace Wigs and more. Serving New York, NJ, CT, Manhattan, Long Island for over 20 years. Turn short hair long, thin hair full, increase hair volume, hair strength, and more. Quality Human Hair Extensions, like Virgin human hair, Russian human hair, European Human Hair, Indian Human Hair, along with same day consults and service.

    If you want Lace Front Wigs like Beyonce, Tyra, Oprah, or your favorite Celebrity, you need to come to our New York Lace Wigs Salon. We only deal in the best of the best lace front wigs, full lace front wigs, at our lace wigs salon. See our Lace Front Wigs Button on the above menu for more information about our lace front wigs, the various lace front wigs types we offer, before and after pictures of our lace wigs clients. We only sell premium lace wigs units. That is why so many people come from all over the New York, NYC, NJ, CT, NY areas from Manhattan to Long Island to see our beautiful lace wigs. So if you want a 100% Remy human hair full lace front wig, we are your best choice. We have long hair lace front wigs, ethnic lace front wigs, virgin lace wigs, celebrity lace front wigs, and much more.

    So if your are searching for human hair extensions in New York, human hair extensions in NYC, human hair extensions in NY, human hair extensions in Manhattan, lace front wigs in New York, full lace front wigs NYC, lace front wigs NY, Lace Front Wigs in Philadelphia, you owe it to yourself to visit the best in the business, which is our top New York salon.