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HairDreams Hair Extensions

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HairDreams Hair Extensions is a top hair extension technique. We at Hair Centre Int., located in NYC, New York in Astoria, Queens, NY, are the top hair extensions salon in the world. We offer the most hair extensions techniques, and have been serving the greater New York area for over 20 years. We offer many hair extension techniques, and are proud to have the very exclusive HairDreams Hair Extensions System in our NY salon.

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Hair Center International offers both HairDreams Hair Extensions methods. The first being HairDreams Selector and HairDreams LaserBeamer. HairDreams is one of the top hair extension companies and methods in the world, and is used by many celebrities. We serve the New York, NJ, CT, NYC, NY, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island, Westchester, Philadelphia, and Boston areas.

HairDreams Hair Extensions
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Ours is a Top HairDreams Hair Extensions salon in NYC, New York, NY, NJ, CT area. The hair comes in to types. First is HairDreams Special. This type is a top of the line European Virgin hair. One of the best out there. This hair can be rebounded, and reused for another 2 times, and last up to 1 1/2 years. Not processed or chemically altered.

The next one is HairDreams basic hair extensions, which is a top of the line Indian Hair Both hair types last on average for 4-6 months. The hair comes in over 30 Color tones.

The can be attached by two methods, which we are certifies in BOTH techniques. One is the HairDreams Selector, which is Fusion based system. Attachments come in multiple sizes, so they can be added to match hair type and desired effects.

The HairDreams LaserBeamer is a multi strand type of hair extension method which allows us to add hair on a multiple level, hence making the hair extension process go faster. This is our favorite and for our customers. Our customers from Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey, Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, CT, Boston, and Philadelphia love HairDreams Hair Extensions.

If I had to list my 4 favorite techniques, they would be Great Lengths, Remylinks, and HairDreams, and LuxHair. All four use premium hair, and are in a class of their own in the hair extensions world. These hair extensions techniques receive the best reviews and have the most repeat customers.

We have a lot of visitors from Paris, London, Europe who come to our salon while visiting on vacation to New York City, NY. I recommend Hair Dreams Hair Extensions as one of the 4 best techniques, because of its ease of care.

We are pleased to offer this exciting hair extension method to our over 100 Different Hair Extensions methods. Nobody in the industry does more types or has done more hair extensions than us, at Hair Center International of NYC, NY. Come in for a free hair analysis and consultation to go over all of your Hair Extensions options.