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Fusion Hair Extension - Fusion Extensions Salon NY, NYC, New York

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We at Hair Center International are experts in all aspects of Fusion Hair Extensions. We work with all the major Fusion Hair Extensions Brands, as well have invented numerous fusion hair extension types, in or hair salon located in New York, NY in Astoria, Queens, NY. We are fusion leaders in Cold Fusion Hair Extensions, Air Pressure Fusion Hair Extensions, Laser Fusion Hair Extensions, as well as hot fusion hair extensions.

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Fusion Hair Extensions are the process of fusing hair extension with your own natural hair. The process uses individual strands of hair extensions. These hair extensions are then added close to the scalp, throughout your hair. This natural blend of fusion hair extensions helps your hair obtain, a natural, beautiful look. Our hair salon is experts in Fusion Extensions, and is leaders in developing new lines of these leading extension types.

Fusion hair extension types
  •   Cold Fusion Hair Extensions
  •   Hot Fusion Hair Extensions
  •   Flux Fusion Hair Extensions
  •   UltraSonic Fusion Hair Extensions
  •   Air Pressure Hair Extensions
  •   Laser Fusion Hair Extensions

We are Fusion Hair Extensions World Leaders offering the most different types of fusion hair extensions found anywhere in the world and Located in NYC, New York, NY in Astoria, Queens, NYC, minutes from Long Island, Manhattan, NJ, CT. We offer LuxHair for example, which is a beautiful Fusion based hair extension type. It uses only the finest in hair. This one is also our Brazilian Hair Extension Type, since it uses Brazilian Human Hair along with Brazilian Keratin. It is an example of our amazing human fusion extensions. Only found in our New York, NY, NYC hair extensions salon.

We have many customers who visit us from Long Island, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island, New Jersey, CT, Westchester, Manhattan, Boston, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh for our fusion extension techniques.

We also do the following fusion hair extensions:
  •   Great Lengths Hair Extensions
  •   SoCap Fusion Original Hair Extensions
  •   SoCap USA Fusion Hair Extensions
  •   Euro Socap Fusion Hair Extensions
  •   Hair Dreams Fusion Extensions
  •   Mega Fusion Hair Extensions
  •   Custom Fusion Hair Extensions
  •   Silicon Fusion Hair Extensions
We also do the most types of fusion hair extension types. We do the following fusion types like:

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions - The Process of using non heat fusion during the fusion hair extension process.

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions - The Process of using heat to attach hair during the fusion hair extensions process

Flux Fusion Hair Extensions - Way to do fusion hair extensions that draws the hair thru the keratin bonding process. A new unique, cutting edge process found in our salon.

UltraSonic Fusion Hair Extensions - Way to use ultrasonic radio ways to perform the hair fusion process for fusion hair extensions.

Air Pressure Hair Extensions - Process of using Air Pressure to fuse hair to your hair in small amounts. We are one of the few salons in the world that does Air Pressure Hair Extensions.

Laser Fusion Hair Extensions - We are also one of the few hair extensions salons in the world that does Laser Fusion Hair extensions. Method uses laser pulses to perform fusion extensions.

As you can see the amount of fusion hair extensions we offer in our NYC, NY salon is numerous. We are the #1 Fusion Hair Extension salons in the world. So if you are looking for Fussion hair extensions, come to our salon for a free hair analysis and consultation. We offer a pressure free environment.

We are located in NYC, NY in Astoria, Queens serving the NY, NJ, CT, Long Island, Boston, Philadelphia, Boston, Westchester area.

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