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Micro Hair Extensions Multiple Micro Hair Extensions Types

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We offer numerous Micro Hair extensions in our top hair salon. Micro Hair Extensions use small attachment points, and are placed strategically throughout the head. Micro hair extensions are popular due to the small attachments, and hence make them more invisible. We are a Micro Hair extensions salon located in Astoria, Queens, NY serving the New York, NYC, NJ, CT, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island areas.

Micro Hair Extensions
  •   Cold Fusion Hair Extensions
  •   Hot Fusion Hair Extensions
  •   Flux Fusion Hair Extensions
  •   UltraSonic Fusion Hair Extensions
  •   Air Pressure Hair Extensions
  •   Laser Fusion Hair Extensions

We offer multiple Micro Hair Extensions Techniques at our top extensions salon including Flhair extensions. When in comes to Micro Hair Extensions, there is one clear leader in the NYC, New York, NJ, CT area. Hair Center International offers multiple Micro Hair Extensions types, such as Micro Fusion Hair Extensions, Micro loop hair extensions, Micro Link hair extensions and more.

We recommend calling and scheduling a free consultation, to go over which Micro Hair extensions are going to be right for you.

We also offer the Flhair hair extensions method which is a loop based hair extensions system. The Flhair hair extensions method is a good loop based method to add some quick volume or length to your hair. Flhair is a technique that is more affordable than many of the fusion based systems, and doesn't use heat or glue. Because Flhair extensions don't use heat, they make a good quick technique for hair highlights with hair extensions our adding some volume.

If you live in the New York, NJ, CT areas or plan on visiting the New York, NYC, NY area, make sure you call our top salon to go over your various hair extensions options, and we can see what technique is going to be right for you. You have nothing to lose since the consultation is free of charge!