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  • Female Pattern Hair Loss Alopecia Androgenic

    Female Pattern Hair Loss Alopecia Androgenic is a common type of hair loss in women. In summary, female pattern hair loss is caused when Androgens, especially an Androgen called DHT, , attach to your hair follicle receptors, and this chokes off the hair follicle, and prevents it from growing. Many people have family history of hair loss, so this DHT build up can be genetic or hereditary. The question is when this happens, what can be done? The answer is many things. We at Hair Center International have ways to conceal this hair loss from day one, so nobody will know you have ever had it.We also have a Laser Hair growth system that can help grow hair. We are the New York, NY leaders in female hair loss solutions, and in Female Pattern hair loss. We are located in Astoria, Queens, NY and serve the New York City, NY, Manhattan, Long Island, New jersey, Connecticut, Brooklyn Bronx, Philadelphia and Boston areas.

    We are the Top Salon for Female Pattern Hair Loss offer Multiple solutions or treatment options, located in Astoria, Queens, NY serving NYC, Manhattan, Long Island, NJ, CT and more. With Female Pattern Hair Loss the hair becomes thin all over, and the hair line does not recede. We have many options for this type of hair loss. We have DHT blockers, highly advanced Minoxidil solutions, A Laser Hair Growth Machine with 160 diodes, and over 11+ different hair loss solutions to cover and conceal your hair loss from day one. Many clients do a combination of all of our hair loss solutions, or try to do the hair treatment options, or our Ten Plus different hair loss options.

    You can see our many different types of hair loss options by clicking the hair loss tab.We have hundreds of before and after pictures. We offer free consults for Female Pattern Hair Loss, Alopecia Androgenic, so you have nothing to lose.

    We are the New York, NYC, NY leaders in Female Pattern Hair Loss Alopecia Androgenic, nobody has more options. Come see why for yourself. Our pricing, hair quality, etc is more reasonable than many of our competitors.

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