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    Spa Facial and Microdermabrasion Combo!
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  • Spa Facials - Best Spa Facials in New York

    We offer many of the best and most different Spa Facials in NYC. We have 3 Spa Professionals who have expertise in Spa Facials and Skin Care. See our list of Spa Facials Below. They are very unique and can only be found in our Astoria, Queens, New York, NYC hair salon. We have many clients for spa facials from Manhattan and Long Island, as our spa prices are excellent, and our experts are second to none.

    Try one of our Spa Facials. We know you will be extremely pleased. We are the number one salon for Spa Facials in NYC. All of NY talks about our top spa facials and they are some of the best spa deals in Astoria, Queens, NY. Let our spa personnel find what is going to be the best treatment for your skin. We specialize in oily skin, and anti aging skin treatments. So if you are looking for a Spa Facial in NYC, Spa Facial in New York, Best Spa Facials in NYC, call for a free consult today!

    Hair Center International is Famous not only for having 100 Different Hair Extension Types, but also for offering the most exotic services found in any salon. We offer over 10 Exotic Facials and Skin Treatments at our salon.

    Peels    15 minutes   $30

    The Most Efficient Way to make your Skin Glow to Perfection in a short time, but with long lasting results. Customized to Rejuvenate or as an Acne Peel.

    Mini Facial   30 minutes   $50

    Quick Effective Facial, Alleviates Signs of Aging and Stimulates Cell Turnover.

    Acne Purifying Treatment   1 Hour   $95

    Deep Cleansing of the Skin that is prone to acne, followed by Mask to maximize the Rapid subsiding and Correction of Breakouts. (Teenagers Welcome!)

    Picture Perfect European Facial   1 Hour   $85

    Traditional Perfect Cleansing Facial, followed by a Relaxing Massage and the Application of a mask suited by individual skin types. We also perform a Wrinkle Minimizing Eye Treatment with this Facial.

    Hair Center International Ultra Clear Back Treatment   1 HOUR   $120

    Ideal to Refresh the Condition of Problematic Skin of the Back. Deep Cleansing Treatment, with Extractions and a Therapeutic Mask.

    Anti-Aging Caviar Colagen Placenta Treatment   1 HOUR   $150

    Designed to help Stressed, Aged, or Dehydrated Skin, Delivers Naturally High quality Ingredients to help the Skin Glow.

    D'vine Antioxidant Skin Treatment   1 Hour   $100

    Spectacular State of the Art Treatment, Exfoliates, Migrates, and Strengthens the Skin using the powerful essence of Grape Seeds and Red Wine Extract. Customized as Chardonnay, Shiraz, and Champagne Facials, each with significant effects on the skin.

    Botu Like Rejuvenating Treatment   1 HOUR    $150

    Rapidly improves the look and texture of the Fine to Deep Lines of the skin WITHOUT the help of Injections.

    24 K Gold Skin Therapies   1 HOUR   $150

    This is one of our most famous facials. The Treatment will detoxify and speed up the dynamics of the skin. 24K gold Stands as a perfect Antioxidant, Antibacterial, and Stimulant for any type of skin.

    Pure Oxygen Treatment   1 Hour   $150

    Using the Newest Technology in the Delivery of Pure O2 to the Skin, this is voted one of our salons favorites. Ideal for any Age and Condition, will help to revitalize every single cell of your skin, making this one of the most efficient treatments on the market. Can be customized as an Anti-Aging or Acne Treatment.

    Hair Center International Youthinator Treatment   2 HOURS   $200

    Our Signature Anti-Aging treatment Designed to make your skin look and feel Young and Vibrant. This 2 Hour Process is a Mix of Several of the Combined Treatments and Products, bringing the best and most Extraordinary Experience Available in the Spa Filed Today! Bonus Hand Rejuvenation Treatment Included.

    We are the leading facials in NYC offering Unique facial services like peels, mini facials, acne purifying treatment and many more which are not found in other salons.


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