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Dream Catchers

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We at Hair Center Int. are very proud to have a brand new hair extension technique that is just hitting the market. It is called Dream Catchers, and is sponsored by Paris Hilton. Do you love Paris Hilton? Do you want great hair like Paris Hilton? If you answered yes, then you might want to check out a new hair extensions line modeled after her hair, called Dream Catchers. We are a top DreamCatchers Salon in the NYC, NY, NJ, CT area.

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Dream Catchers is a High End Hair Extension Technique, which uses very fine virgin, Remy cuticle hair, and is attached using a special metal link based system. This makes the hair re-usable.

Dream Catchers
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Paris is not the type of girl who would sponsor a poor hair extension brand. The hair is very high quality that uses a European Micro-Cylinder Technology. The hair is from Europe. These are the exact same type of hair extensions that Paris wears. She has been involved in the marketing and design of the product. Paris is a high end brand in herself, and this line is an extension of her image.

We are the exclusive salon for this product in our area of Queens. We are proud to offer a new high quality brand in its infancy, and look forward to showing are customers this product as a high end option.

To see if this or one of our many other hair extensions brands is right for you, call us for a free hair Analysis and Consultation.

We are a high end salon that focuses on the NYC, NY, NJ, and CT area. We have a worldwide customer base, with clients in Boston, Philly, Miami, LA, Texas, California, Arizona, Las Vegas, the USA, Europe, and through out the world.

Hair Center International is a top DreamCatchers High End Hair Extension Technique Salon in the NYC, NY, NJ and CT area. With the start of Paris Hilton's New Reality show, there has been a new surge of interest in Paris Hiltons Hair Extensions Line, Dream Catchers Hair Extensions. Since we have an exclusive for our hair salon in New York, NY, this has been a good thing for us. People ask me, what is my opinion of Dream Catchers? I say, it is a very good hair extensions system. The tips last for a very long time, which to me is one of the most important thing, when it comes to a reusable hair extensions system, like Dream Catchers. I also like the silkyness of the hair. It is very soft to the hand, probably like Paris Hilton herself. It is coated in a silicon oil type texture, which makes it shiny and soft.

My recommendation is that if you are looking for a good, reusable hair extension system, Paris Hiltons Dream Catchers Hair Extensions System, is worth taking a look at. We also have the world famous Remylinks, which is the premier reusable hair extensions system in the world.

When you come to our salon in NYC, New York, located in between Manhattan and Long Island, I recommend you look at both of these techniques, and choose which one you like the best.