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    Best Cancer Wigs Chemo Wigs Hair Prosthesis

    First, I would like to comment, that if you are reading this page, I am sorry to hear about your condition. Just know, you will be fine. Think positive, be strong, and this tough moment will pass.

    We are a women's salon, and we focus on women. We have all been touched in some way by family or friends who have cancer. That is why we at Hair Center International have put so much effort in making the Best Hair Prosthesis units for women who have cancer, are undergoing cancer treatment, chemo treatment. We hand make all of our units, each of our cancer wigs, chemo wigs, and hair prosthesis units take over 150 hours of work to make. We only use the finest human hair. We have many types of hair prosthesis, cancer wigs, chemo wigs such as European Hair, Russian Hair, Indian Hair, Brazilian Hair, Virgin Hair and more. We are the New York City, NY, New York, NJ, CT, Long Island, Westchester, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Boston, USA leaders in the best cancer wig hair prosthesis units.

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    We have many types of Hair Prosthesis units. Some are made to be worn daily and then removed nightly. Some are made for extended use. It all depends on what are your goals. Some women want chemo wigs that are removed daily. Other women want to have cancer wigs that are worn on an extended basis. We know what are the popular sizes and styles, and carry a nice selection of hair prosthesis, cancer wigs, chemo wigs for women. We also do custom made orders, where we measure and mold your head shape, it is all up to you. We are the NYC leaders in hair prosthesis units for women.

    Since we only use 100% Premium Remy Hair, our Chemo Wigs average $2000. This is priced at 1/3 of what you would pay for pricey Cancer Wigs in Manhattan, and our hair quality is the same that is found in our premium extensions and multiple times better than our competitors use.

    What separates us from our pricey competitors in Manhattan, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Westchester is that all of our units are very real, very natural, natural hair lines. Nobody will know you are wearing a hair prosthesis, cranial prosthesis, chemo wig, cancer wig. It will look like you never lost your hair.

    Your hair will grow about ½ inch a month. So we monitor you until your hair grows a few inches, and then we can do hair extensions. This way you don't need to wear any hair prosthesis as quickly as possible. We work with the shortest hair lengths. That is why women love us in New York, NY, NYC, and why women travel to us from Long Island, NJ, CT, Westchester, Philadelphia, Boston, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the entire USA.

    We were not the first one to invent the hair prosthesis. But as women for women salon, we know what women want, and we make the best hair prosthesis units on the market today. Don't live in a time warp 30 years ago and buy something that looks fake, bad wig. Our Hair Prosthesis Units Do Not Look Like Wigs! They look natural, real, what a modern woman of today wants to be!

    We have a private consultation room, and a private showroom. Call for a free consult, we go over your options; we try to find the best hair prosthesis for you. We write you a receipt as a "Prescribed Cranial Prosthesis", this way you can submit your receipt to your insurance company, and maybe be reimbursed by them. Make the call; you will be glad you did.

    New York Chemo wigs, NYC cancer wigs, hair prosthesis systems for women, by women.