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Best Waxing Salon

Winner 2010 Best Waxing Salon New York in Citysearch!

Numbing Wax and Numbing Spray, what could be better!

Looking for the best salon when it comes to all waxing services? Need any of the following:

Bikini Wax, Brazilian wax, Eyebrows Waxing, Leg Wax, Arm Waxing, Underarm Waxing, Full Body Wax, Back Waxing, Stomach Wax, Chest Wax, Upper Lip Wax, Etc?
Visit our top rated Waxing Salon, the Winner of Best of CitySearch 2010 when it comes to waxing! We are the New York, NYC, NY, Queens, Long Island, Astoria, Forest Hills, LIC, Bayside, leaders in waxing services.

What makes are waxing so special ? So many things, it is hard to describe. We use the best in Waxing products. We have a special numbing wax that is our own formula. Nobody else uses our numbing wax. We do not double dip our sticks! We use a numbing spray. We use anti irritation lotions. We analyze your hair growth to optimize pull direction. No wonder we are the best in all waxing services for the New York, NY, NYC area!

So if you are looking for a new place to try any type of waxing service in New York, and are looking for the best waxing in NYC, the best waxing in Manhattan, the best waxing in Queens, NY, the best waxing in Long Island, visit our Astoria, Queens, NY location. We are the leaders in fine waxing services and we are very easy to get to from all areas in and around New York, NYC, NY.

We are by appointment only, so call us today to set up an appointment.


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Waxing Salon
      Bikini Wax
      Brazilian wax
      Eyebrows Waxing
      Leg Wax
      Underarm, Arm Waxing
      Full Body Wax
      Back Waxing
      Stomach,Chest Wax
      Upper Lip Wax