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Many women have asked us to develop a line that allows them to cover their hair loss during the day, and be able to remove the hair loss system at night, or to shower, and allow them to reapply it themselves. We responded by developing a new line called SecureHair, which is patent pending. Secure Hair allows women to have a removable hair loss solution, for females who do not want to wear an extended system. It is these creative hair loss solutions that are only found in Hair Center International Hair Salon that makes us World leaders, and the envy of every other salon. We are the female destination for hair loss solutions in New York City, NY, New York, New Jersey, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, CT, Westchester, Philadelphia area.

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Our Secure Hair Only uses 100% Premium Remy European Hair. Our hair used for hair loss and extensions has always been the best of the best. No other salon offers so many types of hair loss ideas, solutions, and treatment ideas. SecureHair has been in development for over one year. It is a top solution, and is cutting edge. It is a removable, clip in, clip on hair loss solutions. Can be removed before swimming, showers, night time, for women who have some hair loss, or some thinning hair, but not enough hair loss that they need or want a full time hair loss system. We offer removable female hair loss solutions and these Women’s removable hair loss options can be used during the day and removed at night.

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We recommend coming in for a free consult, we go over your hair loss options, come up with ideas based upon your hair loss type, your texture, goals and budget. Consultations are always free, and our prices are much better than our pricey Manhattan neighbors. Nobody comes close to the amount of hair loss that our top hair loss salon has. We are very easy to get to by either car or train. Directions are on the home section of our website from all of the various areas of NYC, New York, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island, CT, Westchester, Philadelphia and more.

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