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Hair Center International

We are the World's Premier Hair Extensions Salon

World's Best Hair Extensions Salon, offering over 100 Different Hair Extension Types and Performed 100,000+ Hair Extensions including Fusion and Human Hair Extensions, serving New York, NYC, NY, NJ, CT, Manhattan, LI, New Jersey, Connecticut.
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  • We Offer OVER 100 Different Hair Extensions & Female Hair Replacement Types! (Over 200 + Techniques if you count like other hair salons )
  • We have performed Over 100,000+ Total Hair Additions! 5,000 Individual Hair Extensions in 2012, a new extension salon record!
  • 500,000 + Hair Bundles or Equivalents Applied!
  • We have over 5000 Actual Client Pictures & Videos on our site. Thousands More Extensions Pictures, Upload Pending.
  • Great Pricing in a Professional Hair Salon with World Class Employees!
  • ONLY Salon that offers SAME DAY Free Consultations & Hair Extensions Services on most hair extensions, due to our HUGE inventory of extensions.
  • 2009 Winner in CitySearch for Best Hair Extensions, Best Hair Salon, Best Hair Colorists, Best Haircuts, and 3 Other Categories for Entire New York, NY Metro Area.
  • 2010 Winner in Citysearch for Best Hair Extensions & Hair Weaves, and Waxing
  • Gorgeous Hair Extension Salon, with top hair colorists, stylists. We do it all! We have a 4000 SF Luxury hair salon, with 3 private VIP rooms.
  • Located in New York, NY, in Astoria, Queens, NYC, and minutes from Manhattan, Westchester, Long Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, NJ, and CT.
  • 15 Full Time Hair Extensions Artists, each having performed at least 500 Hair Extensions or Female Hair Replacements. Plus Four Top Senior Colorists, Three Master Hair Cutters/Stylists, Top Aesthetician, and much more!

2009 & 2010:

Best of CitySearch winner for Hair Extension.
hairextensions by city search hairextensions by city search

We offer !!!
  •   Over 100 Different HAIR EXTENSION TYPES
  •   Over 25,000 Unique Hair Extensions and 100,000+ Total Hair Additions!
  •   4000 SF Luxury Hair Salon with 3 private VIP rooms
  •   Over 5000 Actual Client Pictures & Videos on our site.
  •   2009 Winner in CitySearch for Best Hair Extensions, Hair Salon, Hair Colorists, Haircuts
  •   15 Full time Dedicated Hair Extension and Hair Replacement people
  • Offering All Three Great Lengths Hair Extensions, and the MOST Fusion Extensions Techniques such as Cold Fusion, Hot Fusion, Laser Fusion, Ultrasonic Fusion, Air Pressure Fusion, etc.
  • Lace Wigs Pro's, including Private Lace Wig Showroom on separate floor, same day applications, 3 private VIP rooms for application, Premium Lace Front Wigs, Custom Lace Wigs, Full Lace Wigs and more!
  • Female Hair Loss Experts with more Women's Hair Loss Options that anyone else.
  • New York best hair extensions as per NY Daily News
  • Over 20 Years Experience in Salon Extensions and Women's Hair Loss. We also offer 30 Different Hair Extension and Hair Replacement Types that are ONLY found in our World's Best Hair Extensions Salons.
  • Click all of the various hair extension buttons, blogs, photo galleries, videos,
    salon services, etc, on our huge website to learn more about our hair extensions and hair replacement types.

World's Best Hair Extensions Salon, offering over 100 Different Hair Extension Types and Performed 25,000+ Unique Hair Extensions including Fusion and Human Hair Extensions, serving New York, NYC, NY, NJ, CT, Manhattan, LI, New Jersey, Connecticut.

We Offer well Over 100 Different HAIR EXTENSION TYPES. We are the Gold Standard of Hair Extensions that everyone tries to copy. We offer the best selection and service in the industry. Our Hair Extensions Salon is Famous for our huge selection and quality reputation serving the NYC, New York, NY, NJ, and CT area for 20 years. We are the World's Best Hair Extensions Salon. We do all of the top 100% Human Hair Extension and Hair Replacement Types. We are located in Astoria, Queens, NY and are minutes from Manhattan, LI, Brooklyn, Bronx, Bronx, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Our 4000 SF Luxury Hair Salon, has 15 Full time Dedicated Hair Extension and Hair Replacement people to serve our customers. We have a HUGE Selection of Inventory, and specialize in same day consultations and hair service. We also have hundreds of Premium Lace Front Wigs, and have a Private Lace Front Wigs Showroom on a separate floor of our salon. We have 3 VIP Private Rooms, each equipped with Private Sinks, Plasma TV's, and Fendi Chairs for Private Services. We have performed well over 100,000 Hair Additions in our Salon. We have well over 5000 pictures of actual clients on this website. Please see our photo galleries, before and after pictures, and our videos in the Hair extension section. We are Copied by salons around the world, who could never compete with us. All hair extensions use 100% Human Premium Hair. Best NYC hair extensions salon. We only use Remy hair extensions in hair salon. We have all hair textures, from straight hair extensions to curly hair extensions. We also do Micro Link hair extensions, seamless hair extensions, real hair extensions. Our specialty is hair extensions for short hair, or extensions for women with thinning hair. New York's best hair extensions salon. Best place for hair extension options near Connecticut, CT, Manhattan, Staten Island, NJ, Brooklyn, Queens, Philadelphia and more.

We offer over 100 Different Hair Extension & Hair Replacement Types, which is the MOST in the World, so we have something for everyone's budget Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, Brooklyn is close to our hair extensions salons, and our same day hair extensions can't be beat. We also are a Full Service Hair Salon; offering exotic services such as 14K Gold Facials, Mink Eyelash Extensions, and much more. We have star stylists and colorists, so let us be your one stop hair service salon. We are close for Connecticut and New York City. We have many types of Fusion Hair Extensions. Our Fusion Hair Extension types are numerous. We offer Blonde hair extensions, Black hair extensions, Curly hair extensions, yaki hair extensions, long hair extensions, African American hair extensions, Brazilian Hair Extensions, Short hair extensions, and many more. We offer many looks, such as found with Paris Hilton, Beyonce, and Jessica Simpson. Our hair extensions are real hair extensions, all natural, remy, not synthetic, are all human hair extensions. Nobody has done more human hair extensions than us. They are the best hair extensions on the market. So if you ever asked yourself, where can I get hair extensions, the answer is Hair Center Int. of NYC. Best Salon for Manhattan Hair Extensions specializing in curly hair and long hair extension types. Only Real Human Hair Used , that is Real Remy extensions, at our World's Best Hair Extensions Salons.

We offer more of the top hair extensions types in the New York City, NY area, and every top brand. We were first in having all 3 Great Lengths Hair Extensions in NYC. We have Great Lengths Air Pressure Multi Strand, Great Lengths Cold Fusion Hair Extensions and regular Great Lengths Hair Extensions. We have many Fusion Hair Extension Types other that Great Lengths; see our listing for full details. We do more NYC Fusion Hair Extensions in a month that people do in 5 years. We are also very proud to have a huge Lace Front Wig Showroom open, offering one of the best, private experiences, in the NY, NJ, CT area. We have many visitors from Long Island, Westchester, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Bronx; visit our Astoria, Queens Location on a daily basis. There are so many imitators out there, so don't settle for second best in hair extensions. Come to the one and only famous Hair Center International of NYC!

Expertise in Hair Extensions and Female Hair Loss, We are a full service hair salon. Please see our Female hair loss tab for in detail processes. We are Queens, NY premier hair replacement and hair extensions center for the New York City, NY area. We have customers from Long Island, Westchester, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, New York who depend on us for their hair loss treatments. Our Hair Salon is located in NYC, New York. We are the Top Hair Salon in NY, NJ, CT, NYC, Westchester, Long Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Pa, and the United States. We are hair extensions masters, with our own patented techniques that no one else offers. All clients on our site are real hair extensions clients.  Hair Center International has great reviews and few complaints. We serve the USA and have clients travel from London, Paris, Europe, Africa, Asia and the world.  Our same day hair extensions and consults are made for people who are visiting, or live far away. If you want the best hair extensions salons, the best salon for hair extensions, make sure you visit Hair Center International. There are a lot of hair extensions salons in Manhattan, New Jersey or Long Island that try to copy us, so don't accept anything but the best, our salon!. Salons for extensions by Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, NJ, Philadelphia, CT, Connecticut, Pa.

Hair Center Int. is the premier NYC Hair Extensions. So if you are looking for Manhattan Hair Extensions, Long Island Hair Extensions, New Jersey Hair Extensions, Brooklyn Hair Extensions, Bronx Hair Extensions, Westchester Hair Extensions, come to our top New York Hair Salon. We give a free consultation and Hair Analysis. We do same day hair extensions. Nobody can match the amount of hair extensions we do, or the quality of our hair extensions. We are experts in Long Hair Extensions, Hair Extensions for short hair, African American Hair Extensions, Blond Hair Extensions, Curly hair extensions, natural hair extensions. All of our hair extension types are 100% Human Remy Hair Extensions. We are also ladies hair loss experts, with many different hair loss solutions for woman. We have around 10 different hair loss options for woman. We have 4 Brazilian Keratin experts. We have multiple Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening options. We also have a top Aesthetician, who does the best Spa Facials and Painless Brazilian Bikini Wax. Hair Center International Salon NY also does many scalp treatments, hair repair treatments, eyelashes extensions, and much, much more!

Advantages of Different Hair Extensions

  HairLocs Hair Extensions

One of the first Adjustable, Microlink, Link, based hair extensions in the market. We were one of the first in the New York area offering this Hair Extensions system.

  Dream Catchers Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions that are sponsored by Paris Hilton. They are adjustable hair extensions, or a microlink based system. The hair quality is very high, made from European hair.

  Lace Front Wigs

Broad category of hair replacement. We at Hair Center Int. offer many types of Lace Wigs. We offer Custom Lace Front Wigs, Partial Lace Front Wigs, Full Lace Front Wigs, Lace Wigs, Swiss Lace wigs, French Lace Wigs, Remy Lace Wigs, Frontal Lace Wigs, Wigs, etc. All of our Lace Wigs are 100% Natural Human Remy Hair. Our quality is top of the line, with our superior design, make our Wigs the best lace wigs in the market. Ours cost more than the others, but quality lace wigs require quality hair, which is expensive. Lace Front's are made for people with thinning hair or people who want a celebrity look, where hair extensions cannot do that look.

  SoCap Hair Extensions

We offer SoCap Hair Extensions, Euro SoCap Hair Extensions, and SoCap USA Hair Extensions. We offer all three Hair extensions. They all have different advantages, they are a more cost effective solution for people on a budget as compared to Great Lengths Hair Extensions. First salon in the NY, NJ, CT area to offer all three systems.

  Remylinks Hair Extensions

This is our patented and trademarked brand of Hair Extensions. It is the top of the line Hair Extension for people who want and adjustable, microlink, based hair extension system. We only use the finest hair from Europe and Russia. We have virgin hair, and our tips are specially formulated not to fall apart, and can me reused for a long time. Most people have their hair adjusted every 6 weeks, to keep a fresh look. This is one of the top hair extensions, along with Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

  Hair Fusion

We were one of the first in the New York City, New York area. We use special hair from our unique suppliers to offer multiple hot fusion and cold fusion solutions. Advantage is cost based, for people on a budget.

  LuxHair Extensions

This is another one of our unique hair extensions systems that uses hair and Keratin from Brazil. The Keratin is a super strong Keratin, with the best hair quality. We select the hair ourselves, and have our own hair professionals bond the hair. The advantage is cost, as we offer this type of hair extensions in the mid area of the budget schedule.

  Hair Integration

Hair Center International offers many hair replacement services, this one being a blending method to use you are and our hair in a hair replacement method.


Is another patented hair replacement method made for people with thinning or losing hair. We are famous for our many hair extension and hair replacement methods.

  Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Nobody in the country offers more Hair Replacement options than Hair Center International, in the comfort of a private setting, away from the general public.

  Seamless Extensions

We have our own seamless solutions that are short term in nature that are special to our hair salon. We are seamless experts in the NY, NYC, New York City, New York, New Jersey, Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Philadelphia areas. Looking for New York hair salons that can do a seamless extension? We do. Everything from hair extensions for short hair, and hair extensions for thinning hair are our specialty. Want to add volume to your hair? Want to add Length to you hair? Hair Extensions NYC experts.

  Invisible Hair Extensions

We offer invisible hair, invisible extensions, and invisible hair replacement. Quality hair extensions and hair replacement method made for durability.


European hair extensions with European hair. Good hair extension based system.

  Hair Weaves

We offer many unique hair weaves and hair weaving solutions. We have unique interlocking systems, unique weave extensions, in combination with other systems. Too many to list. Best in New York.

  Clip In / Removable

We have many temporary hair extension solutions. Too many to list. We were the first in New York City for so many methods. We offer custom pieces, sew in solutions, Jessica Simpson, etc. Advantage is for people that just want extensions for an occasion, and then back to their regular hair. We at Hair Center International of NYC, NY, work hard to ensure that we have something for all price ranges. Our start prices are $500 thru several thousand, so we want to make sure we have quality for those ranges.