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Patricia's Salon Reviews - Patricia's Hair Extensions Reviews

We have hundreds of letters of thanks from our thousands of clients. We have great reviews, and the best hair salon reviews. We would like to thank our thousands of clients for all of the wonderful words. Below is a sample of some reviews and thanks from our clients. I will be updating this page with more letters when I get a chance.

Dear Patricia,

I came in about a month ago from Florida, a 63 year old woman with very light blonde hair and a very bad, very short haircut. The woman who did it (I think Patricia's sister) wasn't certain it would work at first, but she put them in the front, and we combed crown hair over the first row of knots.

I have to tell you that everyone here LOVES it. Of course hair extensions aren't exactly common among ordinary woman of my age and background. No one knows how I improved my hair so fast unless I show them. It was a lot of money for me but I'm very grateful to your salon and your staff's expertise.


Dear Patricia,

Thank you so very much for the wonderful extensions you put in my hair. Everyone loves them. I have received so many compliments on my hair. I have been to other salons that have charged twice as much, but you did the best job out of anywhere that I have ever went.

Thanks so much,

Patricia's Salon,

I wanted to write this thank you letter to express the great joy I have with my hair extensions. As you know I work as a dancer in one of New York's top club's, and my tips have almost doubled.

Thank you and see you soon,


I was depressed before I came into the salon. My hair was short and thin, and I didn't feel good about myself. After you put in Great Lengths, I feel so different and feel so beautiful. My life has changed for the better.

Many thanks,


I gotcha accept i did not like this salon in beginning. But it grew on me as i visited it. Now kinda cant do without it. I get my cut n highlight done. Have tried facial once, the pack they use suits my skin. The have the products they use displayed in there salon window which give a confirm. of high quality products being used. I think they are getting to my fan list.


Dear Patricia

I drive 60 miles one way just to get my haircut here at Patricia's salon. Why? "Because I love this place". It is the first Hair salon that I have fallen for. Leda is my super stylist and I truly love what she does to my hair. I just tell her to do something that makes me look good and the level of maintenance I will tolerate. She gets off with her magical wand and a new "ME" appears. I am happy to say that this is my new favorite place. You should also try out this salon.

See you soon,

About Patricia Salon

Have been visiting Patricia's Salon from last 2 yrs so dis guys are totally familiar wid my needs n requirements,my style and my allergies. They make me feel at home. dis guys really rocks n i love them all. Now i cannot settle with anyone less.


Good Lady Patricia

Me old lady age 65 don't like too much cut here there. I like simple cut color. I go to Patricia with my daughter. My daughter 35 years like bob cut and wave and different. I no like that. Patricia good lady different people different things. Me simple things and my daughter fashion things. Money pricy but very good work. All girls do good work. Patricia look at them like teacher and teach to do good. Good salon and good people. I like


Amazing Patricia's Salon

This place is just perfect. From the moment you call to the end of service. This salon offer free consultation and same day service also for walk-ins which is very rare in NY. I traveled from ADIRONDACK last month. It was my first time in the salon. I got a free consultation, and then I decided to do Hair Extension. The service was great, My hair looks more lively, for the first time i felt like they are "happy hairs".Leda did my hair, and Jessica took over to finish it. I look Amazing and happy. It was well worth the trip, I am glad I came. There is nothing by my house this fantastic. Go to Patricia's Hair Extensions NYC, you will be glad you did.



I bounced around trying a number of salons for years. I tried nearly everything from the top salons (madly priced,unprofessional and over booked) to a hair styling school (good prices but patience is required). About a year ago, I found Patricia's Hair Salon on City Search. I am super thrilled with the hair styles and service I get on each visit. Patricia's professionalism and the pleasant atmosphere in this high-style and high-service salon make it special.

Thanks for being there


Loved it. Patricia's Hair salon was a great experience. Nice Local salon with a cool n classy vibe. Meet the owner Patricia she was awesome has a great command over her skills. The staff adds more to her class and gave me a great new "do"! I now feel fun and spunky. The new look gave me new confidence. I have found my new hair salon that I can trust and feel confident walking out of.



Paula was my stylist one who helped me with my feathers Extension. I came in wanting one for a while now. Since i saw them on citysearch/yelp.I thought why not check them out. Super Nice place, they have street parking. Paulo was so very helpful. As i was confused,I asked her what she would suggest for me she looked at my hair color and came up with so many ideas. She said these usually last in the hair from 6-8 weeks. So I was excited! she told me hers has been on for over 2 months, it all depends on how you maintain it. I am so glad i came in and can't wait to visit and get more! I got 2 tracks installed in my hair and LOVE it absolutely!


Dear Pat,

After visiting Patricia I am done with complaining about my hair. She is extremely talented and has magic in her hand that transform the most frizzy and common hair into the most fabulous cele like hair. I never though that my hair could look so cool. She always listens carefully to what i want and delivers. Apart from that, she is friendly, polite and 100% professional. It is rare to meet people that love their work as much as Patricia.


Dear Patricia,

I have now been to Patricia's Salon 5 times. I definitely remember getting a free hair trim the first time (which I liked). Yesterday I asked for a little warmer hair color and she got it to the point! Leda knows I can only afford to come every 6-8 months for color and applies it accordingly.

Thanks Patricia and Team.

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