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Patricia's Hair Extensions

Do the words RemyLinks, HairLocs and SoCap sound a little strange?
Lucky for you, these words are extremely familiar to the trained professional at Patricia's Hair Salon. This world-famous day spa and salon offers thirty-five different types of Patricia's hair extensions, including the three named above. But if you think Patricia Hair Salon, NYC, is just about hair, you've still got a lot to learn about Patricia's. Hair extensions are only part of what this world-famous, world-class salon has to offer.

Patricia's Hair Extensions Salon is the Best hair extensions salon located in Astoria, NY. The four thousand square foot salon room is fully equipped with everything needed to help your natural beauty shine. Isn't it time you started to stand out in a crowd for a positive reason? Whether you want to get a simple cut and color or a full-on overhaul, Patricia Hair Salon, NYC, can help you get the look you deserve. Talk to the professional staff about spa treatments, including oxygen facials and eyelash extensions. Inquire about hair removal services that leave you looking naturally beautiful, or hair replacement therapies that can help you get some of that natural beauty back. Even if you don't want Patricia's hair extensions, you can enjoy a full day of beauty treatments and pampered comfort.

But if you do want Patricia's hair extensions, there's only one place to go: the large showroom at Patricia's Hair Salon. Here, you can see all thirty-five different types of extensions. Choose the color, texture and style you like, and get the head of hair you've always dreamed of having. Why should you let a little thing like genetics and nature keep you from having a fabulous, beautiful head of hair other women will envy? Patricia's hair extensions are always made from natural human hair, not synthetic. The showroom at Patricia's Hair Salon also boasts a full collection of beautiful lace front wigs. Don't feel like fussing with your style? Simply put on one of these beautiful wigs, and you're ready to go.

FlexHair, Ultratress and Microchet may not mean much to you - but to the staff at Patricia's Hair Salon, these words help to say it all. When was the last time you truly felt beautiful? If you can't remember the last day you were pampered, it might be time to think about visiting Patricia Hair Salon, NYC. Need to update your 'do? Patricia's hair extensions will help you get the look you've always wanted.

We are located on Steinway St, Astoria, NYC. Private services are available to meet all your hair and beauty needs.

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