Thoughts on the Competition

What never seems to amaze me is the amount of copycats that try to copy our salon. I see people try to copy our text ideas, technique ideas, advertising ideas, etc, it is incredible. Can’t these other salons think of their own ideas? We are 5 years ahead of the competition in terms of techniques, innovation, extensions and hair loss. We already have new things planned for the next Five Years.

I think what other salons do not realize is we have the smartest team in the industry. Not only are we hair geniuses, we have PhD’s in engineering, and MBA’s on our team. We create our own things, we have 30 techniques only found in our salon. We have another 30 techniques in lab development that we will be rolling out over the next few years. We own several hair companies and sell some products to competitors that do not even realize we sell to them! We have a million dollars of equipment in our hair laboratory. We have trained hundreds of people in basics through our hair school. We do not teach our advanced techniques.

So the question is why would anyone go somewhere else? Nobody is even close to our level in hair extensions and hair loss. That is why we have done over 100,000 hair additions, and 10,000 female hair loss procedures. Our team is 30 strong just in the salon, with another 50 employed in various hair companies we control.

That is why many who can’t compete result to dirty tricks like lies, slander, and copying. We have a busy legal team that handles copycats and eliminating slander lies posted around the net. Some people are just so desperate, they need to resort to dirty tricks.

We had a record 2011 and are off to a record 2012.

We will be opening a Fifth Ave Manhattan Salon in mid 2013 along with a salon in Beverly Hills in 2014. Stay tuned!

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