Hair Extensions Care

Hair Extensions Care

Many people have hair extensions and need to learn how to take care of hair extensions. In this posting, we go over Hair Extensions Care. Taking Care of hair extensions is very important. You spent a lot of money on extensions, so we want to make sure you know how to take care of them!

Hair Extensions Care depends on what type of extensions you have. Lets go over the various care tips for the different extension types.

Fusion Hair Extensions – To take care of fusion hair extensions, make sure you brush your hair on a regular basis. Avoid conditioner on your hair bonds. Wash the scalp on a regular basis, do not let the bonds get oily. Visit the salon on a regular basis, to check the hair bondings, and put back any pieces that fall out. Do not use cheap shampoo like Pantene, this can ruin your extensions. Do not over pull when you brush. Make sure you use a hair extensions brush!

Micro Link Hair Extensions Care - To take care of Micro Link based extensions such as Remylinks, you need to remember that the links are not permanent to your hair, so you need to be more gentle than when dealing with Fusion extensions. Avoid making the hair and scalp oily. Oil can ruin your extensions, so a great deal of effort must be made to keep hair clean. Brush with hair extensions brush and use hair extensions shampoos.

Seamless Hair Extensions Care
– Make sure you go to your regular maintenance. Seamless hair extensions are short term in nature, so remember that when you take care of them. Brush them on a regular basis, and keep your hair very clean. Sleeping on a Satin pillow is a plus.

Always visit the salon on a regular basis. Regular visits to the salon is one of the best hair extensions care tips. If something loosens, falls out, they can fix it for you. We at our salon do free fixes in between maintenance if you come in on a regular basis for blow drys. It is the people that don’t care for their hair extensions and don’t visit the hair salon that are the ones that have problems.

So remember these hair extension care tips, and these tips will make your extensions last longer, not tangle, and you will be very happy with your extensions.

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Can you use curling Irons on Hair Extensions?

The answer is yes. Just do not touch the bonds. Doing so can damage the bonding if keratin or silicon were used. They also make the metal links hot if you used a link based attachment, which can hurt your scalp.

Rules of thumb for hair extensions. Get high quality human hair extensions. Do not use synthetic extensions. Make sure you go to a licensed professional cosmetologist to get them put in. Make sure they give you a customer care card in taking care of your extensions. Pay particular attention to brushing instructions.

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