Hair Extension Prices

Hair Extensions Prices

Hair Extensions Prices depend on a number of factors. The type of hair extension, the amount of hair used, the length of hair or the look desired.

A top of the line hair extension system like Great Lengths, HairDreams, Remylinks, will cost more because of the premium nature of the hair. It costs the salon more money to buy, hence the added costs to the customer. To add body to hair, figure you need $500 and up, to add length, figure $1000 and up.

Our Price Range at Patricia’s Hair Extensions Salon usually averages the following:  If you want to add body, prices range from $400-$1200 on AVERAGE. If you want to add Length, Prices on Average range from $1000 and up. Those are what an average person spends. The best thing to do is visit our Hair Salon in Astoria, Queens, NY where we can give you an exact price based upon the look you want, type of hair extension system, length, and amount of hair.  We offer free consultations and hair analysis.

There are more affordable methods. In general with what I said earlier, the duration the extension lasts, plays a factor in price also. If it last a couple of months, it will be cheaper than something that lasts up to 6 months. You can get a system like UltraTress and Simplicity for around $500, which is an affordable option.

Be careful just judging on price. If it cost $200 for full head of hair extensions, stay away. They will probably destroy your hair.

Use only 100% Natural Remy Human Hair Extensions. Avoid Synthetic, and make sure the person is a licensed hair dresser.

We only use 100% Natural Real Remy Human Hair Extensions on all of our Hair Techniques.  We offer zero fake hair, and we do not offer any bad hair extension techniques.

We pride ourselves in only offering the best in hair extensions.  We have a huge Lace Front Wigs Showroom, with hundreds of gorgeous, ultra premium lace front wigs.  Our lace wigs, are designed the best.  Our hair is amazing.  Prices for our Lace Front wigs, range from $800 and up, including application and style.

Remember prices for hair extensions different in different parts of the world.  We are located in New York,  New York City, so prices for us will differ than if we were located in lets say Mexico, Europe etc.  That said, our quality and work is the best.  That is why we have people travel to us from Miami, LA, Chicago, London, Paris, Europe and all over the world.

It is for that reason we carry inventory, tons of inventory, because being located in NY, NY, we are central to everywhere around the world.  We have so many customers that want same day extensions.  Everywhere else, they make you order your hair extensions, and come back.  With us, you don’t need to.  You can have a same day consultation and hair extension.  we are the only hair extension salon in the world that offers this same day service, for all of our 70 different hair extensions and hair replacement types.

So if you are thinking about hair extensions, you owe it to yourself to pay us a visit.  We are the best in the world.

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