Same Day Service

There are so many reasons that Hair Center International is the Best of the Best. We offer OVER 100 Different Hair Extensions, we have done over 100,000 Hair Additions, We are Masters in All of our Hair Extensions, and have Invented over a Dozen of our own Extension Techniques. BUT, what truly stands out, is that we do Same Day Service on all of our hair extensions and our female hair replacement services if you want to. We do this 7 Days a week.

We have people call us from all over the World. We have people fly to us on their private jets for the day, because they know that no matter what their condition is, what the problem is, that there is always something we can do for them, 7 DAYS a WEEK. AND we do it the SAME DAY if they want to.

We have dealt with women who have cut their hair off by accident, pulled it out due to stress, tangled their hair, had surgery, a bad haircut, an accident, whatever the reason is, and called us crying, that nobody can help them. We have NEVER run into any situation, that we have not been able to help a person, never. Nothing has been too hard or too difficult for us. We have 10 Full time hair extensions and hair replacement specialists, and can do something for most women 7 days a week.

We have a Massive inventory of colors, lengths, on all of our brands. On all of our 100 different brands! We have a over a Million Dollars in Hair Inventory! So if you are looking for someplace to do a same day extension, if you are traveling on holiday or vacation from Europe, visiting friends or family in state, make sure you plan a visit to our salon. Nobody can do what we do, nobody! There are tons of copycats and wannabes. We are the World’s Best, the best of the best, that is why everyone tries to work for us. We only hire the best of the best. We have dozens of celebrities, and everything is always confidential and private.

Make your plans to visit Hair Center International. We won first place for Best Hair extensions, Best haircuts, Best hair highlights, Best hair coloring salon, we are the place to be, the place to be seen.


Revitalash Eyelash Treatment

Revitalash Eyelash Treatment

Looking for fuller, longer eyelashes? Are your eyelashes thin? Do you have small eyelashes? You have many options then ranging from eyelashes extensions, or using a eyelash treatment like Revitalash. We do both in our posh New York, NY salon, located in Astoria, Queens, NYC. We are eyelash experts, and have different solutions for your eyelashes to make them fuller, thicker, and longer.

We offer Revitalash as one of our proven eyelash treatment formulas. Why Revitalash? Because we have tested it our our salon. It works, and works well, to make your eyelashes longer and fuller. Most people see results in a few months time. Revitalash is applied daily, on the base of your lashes. Over time, the proven formula goes to work. We charge $140 per for Revitalash. Most customers swear by the results, love them, and keep using it for years.

Visit our posh, NY, New York salon, in Astoria, Queens, NYC for your bottle of Revitalash. If Revitalash is not for you, and you want some instant solution, come and see our Eyelashes Extensions options. We have something for everyone.

Best Hair Repair Options

Best Hair Repair Options

Do you have dry hair? Is your hair broken? Is your hair over-processed? Too many perms or relaxers? Come visit our posh, Astoria, Queens, NY salon in NYC, New York. We have many different hair repair options for your hair, to build up your follicles, and make your hair stronger again. Your hair will feel shiny, healthier, stronger, after one of our many hair repair formulas. No wonder we are a favorite destination for people in New York, NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester, Long island, Queens, NJ and CT.

We have many hair repair formulas from different vendors, that have been proven to in clinical studies. We only use the best in hair repair formulas. So if you have fragile hair, damaged hair, come in to our salon, to review all of your hair repair options. We will go over all of your hair repair options, and develop a treatment plan for your hair.

Many people use a combination of hair repair with scalp treatments.
You can also have extensions applied to damaged hair, to make your hair look richer and fuller. This is one of our most popular combination’s, when it comes to hair repair.

Visit our salon for you full range of hair repair options. We have many hair repair options, the most in the NY, NYC, New York, NJ, CT area. Call for a consultation today.

Best Scalp Treatments

Best Scalp Treatments Salon

We at Hair Center International offer many different types of scalp treatment formulas. Do you have dry scalp? Do you have tangled hair? Is your hair stiff? Is your hair limp? these are all examples of scalp disorders, and we have many proven formulas, that work on making your scalp healthier, which in turn promotes healthier hair.

We have many formulas for hair repair and scalp repair. Many people do both of these in combination. We have things that help exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize, nourish, your scalp, and that will lead to stronger and better hair growth. We are located in Astoria, Queens, NY in NYC, New York. We serve the NY, NJ, CT, Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island Areas.

Best thing to do is come in for a free consultation, and go over the best options for your scalp, your hair, and all your needs. We will help your scalp stay healthy, not be dry, and this in turn will help your hair be stronger and thicker.


Wash & Set – Blowouts

Wash and Set – Blowouts – Hair Blow drys

Looking for a salon that are experts in hair blowouts?  Wash and Sets? Hair Blowdry’s and Style? Come to Hair Center International, we do the best blow drys, blowouts, hair styling that is found in the New york, NYC area.  We are the New York leaders in wash and set, hair blowdrys, or hair blowouts.  That is why people travel to us from Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, NJ, CT, Forest hills, Bayside, Whitestone, Flushing, LIC, Queens.  We take our time, and do not do a rush job.  We are also experts with hair extensions and lace wigs, so nobody knows how to handle Blow-Drys, Blowouts, Wash and Sets, like our top posh hair salon.

We are great hair cutters, and hair stylists.  We have people who only have us wash and dry their hair.  They come every few days.  A good blowdry, blowout, should last a few days, and it should stay the same.  That is why we have so many repeat customers for BlowDrys, Blowouts, Wash and Sets in our posh NYC, NY salon, located in Astoria, Queens, NY.

Wash and set is a very important part of the hair process.  Knowing how to do blowouts, blowdrys on hair extensions and lace wigs, especially takes time.  You have to know what you are doing, otherwise you can ruin the hair.  We are experts in untangling hair, working on thinning hair, hair loss, etc.  We are gentle yet firm for these wash and dry, blow outs, or wash and sets.

Come try our wash and set, blowouts, blow dry services.  We charge $35 on average for these services.

We are located in Astoria, Queens, NY

30-71 Steinway St


Best Thermal Hair Straightening

Thermal Hair Straightening – Japanese Hair Straightening – Liscio Japanese Hair Straightening

We are the best hair straightening hair salon in NYC, New York, located in Astoria, Queens, NY.  We do the Thermal Hair Straightening, the Japanese Hair Straightening, and the Liscio Japanese Hair Straightening.  We are Thermal Hair Straightening experts.  Thermal hair Straightening is a permanent hair straightener.  It makes your hair straight, and only regrowth with be like your old texture.  We are the NYC, NY experts in Thermal Hair Straightening, and have many clients from Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Long Island, Queens, Westchester, NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Pa.

Thermal Hair Straightening is an all day hair straightening process.  We charge on average between $500 -$750 for the Thermal Hair Straightening method.  Thermal Hair Straightening is not for everyone.  I really do not recommend it for people that have had their hair colored, bleached, or relaxed.  I also do not recommend it for African American hair.  Now others may say it is fine, but their is a high degree of risk for hair breakage for those people.  So hence, why risk it?  We also do the Brazilian Keratin hair Straightener, so people with colored hair, hair highlights, black hair, will be better off with the BKT.

I try to be honest, and I am not interest in making a buck, if it means risks to damaging the hair.  It just isn’t worth it.  We are also a hair replacement salon, and have had to do hair replacement on women who went to other salons, and they damaged their hair.  I have seen dozens of cases, so I say, it is just not worth it.

So the question is, do you have raw natural hair? Is your hair uncolored?  Do you just color it your color, not a color correction? If the answer is yes, then try  Thermal Hair Straightener, Japanese Straightener, the Liscio Hair Straightener, Liscio Hair Straightening.  if not, try the BKT (Brazilian Keratin Straightening)

We are located in Astoria, Queens, NYC, NY.  Come in for a free consultation and we will go over all of your Thermal Hair Straightening options.


Brazilian Wax Salon

Painless Brazilian Wax Salon

Hair Center International Wax Salon in NYC, NY located in Astoria, Queens, NY are also experts in all forms of waxing including Brazilian waxing or Brazilian Bikini Waxing.  We have a Brazilian Esthetician who does the best in Brazilian Waxing or Brazilian Bikini Waxing.  Women claim our Brazilian Waxing is painless.  We also do many design types in that area, if not interested in a Strictly Brazilian style.  We are tops in the NYC area for New York Brazilian Waxing, NYC Brazilian Waxing, Queens Brazilian Waxing,  etc. We have customers from Manhattan, Westchester, Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx.

We do great designs also.  We are a women’s hair salon.  You will feel comfortable wing in our atmosphere.  We are a very Posh Hair Salon.  Our Brazilian Hair Removal services are done in a private are, by a Brazilian girl who is trendy, and who knows how important it is to have your private parts look great.

If you never had a Brazilian Wax, come try it.  It makes all the difference.  I guarantee you that your boyfriend or husband will love it.  You will throw that razor away!

What makes our so good?  It is our 5 step process.

1) Great Facilities and two great private wax rooms.

2) We have a Brazilian doing Brazilian Wax.  Who knows Brazilian Waxing like a Brazilian?

3) We first numb the area, so you won’t feel pain.

4) We then Analyze your hair growth pattern, so we know the correct pull direct.

5) We use the most expensive wax on the market.  Quality products is the key.

6) We use anti irritation, anti ingrown hair creams and soothers, to make you feel great and stay great!

Come visit our state of the art beauty salon hair salon, for the best in Brazilian waxing and all other waxing types. Nobody knows Brazilian Waxing, like our top New York, Brazilian Waxing salon. We are the standard that everyone in the Brazilian waxing field is trying to be like. No wonder we are the New York, NY Brazilian Waxing leaders.

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30-71 Steinway St
Astoria, NY  11103
New York, NY, NYC

Pixie HairCut

Pixie HairCut

Well now that Victoria Beckham, changed her hairstyle to a Pixie haircut from a Bob HairCut, many people want a Pixie Haircut.  We at Patricia’s HairCut Salon do great Pixie HairCuts.  We are located in Astoria, Queens, NYC.  We are one of the top hair salons for great haircuts and hairstyles in the New York, NY area, with clients from Long island, Manhattan, Queens, Westchester, etc.  Many people call our New York Hair Salon, and want to get a Pixie Haircut.

Now beware, if you don’t like a Pixie, or had a bad Pixie Hair cut at other hair salons in NY, your options are going to be less, that if you had a short haircut, like a Bob.  With a Pixie, I can make your short hair long again, with one of our Hair Replacement techniques.  Now, reminder, the hair cut is too short for extensions, so you will need to go for one of our many hair replacement types.

We are Pixie Hair Cut experts. I have one person in my salon who specializes in Pixie Hair Cuts. Her name is Melinda. Ask for her if you want a Pixie hair cut! We also have other hair stylists who do great Pixie hair cuts.

So if your are thinking about a Pixie Hair Cut, come to our Astoria, Queens super salon, one of the best in New york for your cut.  Our if you had a Pixie, and regret it, come to us, we can fix it.

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Let us know your thoughts about Pixie haircuts.

Bob Haircut

Bob Haircut

People ask me, what is my opinion, of the Bob haircut.  I like it, it is great for women with straight hair.  I would also say, that the Bob haircut, is the one haircut, that is responsible for more hair extensions than any other haircut.  It is great for me, since I am a hair extensions salon, so I am not complaining.  We at Hair Center International, do all sorts of great haircuts in our Astoria, Queens location in New York.  We are one of the top hair cut and hair style salons in NYC, and we do great bob haircuts.

Bob haircuts are not for everyone.  Some people do want to look like Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, etc, so if you are looking for a bob haircut, come to our NYC, New York location.  We have people visit us from Long Island, Westchester, Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, etc for our Bob haircuts.  A lot of people who get one, regret cutting their hair so short.  Your hair grows a 1/2 inch per month, so it will take a long time to grow back.  You can always get a hair extension at our salon, you you wont skip a beat.

More people call us from other salons, who had bobs, and regret it, more than any other reason, for a hair extension bad haircut.  People call and say, I just got a bob haircut in Manhattan, I hate it, I need long hair again.  Hence, they visit us, we give them a hair extension, and all is fixed.

We do great Bob Hair Cuts. We have 3 people in our top hair salon that do the best Bob Hair Cuts. Come in and try one for yourself. They are popular in our haircut salon.

What is your opinion of the bob haircut?  Let us know here.

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Best Hair Colorists New York

Best Hair Colorists in New York – Hair Colorists NY

We at Hair Center International are the best hair colorists in New York, located in Astoria, Queens.  We use Redken hair colors, and L’Oreal Professional Version Europe, the two most prestigious brands on the market.  We have many hair colorists at our salon, that specialize in hair colors, highlights, low lights, etc.  We do hair colors for the roots, the whole head single process, and double corrective process.  If you are looking for the best hair colorists in New York, we are here, located in our Astoria, Queens location. We have done thousands of hair colorings, and are a top full service hair salon in the New York, NY area!

We are hair color specialists. We have 5 Master Colorists, 2 Senior colorists, and 1 Junior colorist. Need a color correction? We can do it. We are color correction experts, in the New York area. Need a single process color? No problem, that is easy for us! Need your roots done? Come to us, we can do it! No matter what your hair color needs are, we can do it. We match your color goals to the look you want. Not sure what you want? come to us for a hair color consultation. This is what we do. We are a top hair color salon! no wonder people travel to us from Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, Brooklyn, Bronx, NJ, CT, Forest Hills, Bayside, Whitestone, Malba, Flushing, Elmhurst, Midtown, Downtown, Upper East Side, West Side, for our hair color experts!

So come to us.  Let us look at your hair color, and help you devise your perfect hair color. We can give you a free color consultation, and an exact price for the hair coloring, before we start the process.

Have an experience to share, let us know here.

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