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Hair Center International offers the best in Premium Hair Weaves in the NYC, NY area. Hair Center International, located in Astoria, Queens, New York in NYC, NY, only deals with Premium Hair Weaves, and no other.  I always have people call our salon, and say, "I am looking for a weave"  I always say, why?  Why a hair weave, instead of something else?  So I want to write something on my blog, to help explain the weave versus better options. We are the best premium only hair weave salon, in the New York, NY area, located in Astoria, Queens, NYC. We have customers from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester, Long Island, CT, New Jersey, Philadelphia, etc.

We offer many different hair weave types.  We offer everything from tracks, to sew in weaves, net weaves to our interlocking weave. Now, Weaves should be done, for ONLY people who are looking to cover up your existing hair.  That means you are not looking to integrate your current hair, or blend in your current hair into any type of extension.   It is also made for people who do not want a Lace Front Wig or a Hair Replacement system.  If you are not interested in those things, then a weave is a way for you to obtain long hair.

That said, I recommend not doing a weave, weaving, weaving hair, sew hair weave, etc.  There are much better hair options for you than hair weaves. A Fusion extension, or other Extension, is a great way for you to have longer hair, and you can change the texture with extensions.  They are also easier to maintain and take care of than hair weaves.

The problem with weaves, is that the hair is trapped underneath your new hair you put, so your scalp doesn’t breathe the way you want. In this case, a lace wig can get you the same results.  Hair Weaves work on people not looking for an adhesive based solution.

The reason I am pointing this out, is that many people call for a weave, not because they want one, but because they are not aware of the different options that are available to them. Many African American girls for example go to salons, that push them to weaves, because that is all the salon offers. We at Hair Center International do the opposite.  We are well aware of all of the different options available to all women, Caucasians, Latinas, African American girls, and we do what is right for the person, not because we only do one thing.  We have well over 100 Different hair options for all women.  We are the premier salon in the world, and like to offer the right solution.

Now that said, I want to discuss weave options we offer.  We offer Premium Hair Weaves ONLY.  That means, we use the same type of hair that we do on our popular hair extensions, which are Premium Indian Hair, Premium Yaki Hair, Premium Russian Hair, Premium European Hair, Premium Brazilian Hair, and Premium Virgin Hair.  We do great interlocking weaves, sew in weaves, and hair netting weaves. The price range on our hair weaves are $500 – $1300. We don’t offer any cheap hair weaves, because we only deal with premium products. And like I said, Hair Weaves should only be used by people looking to cover their existing hair, not blend it, and for people not looking for lace wigs or hair replacement.

We are the NYC, New York leaders in Quality hair weaves. If you are looking for the best hair weave in NYC, New York, call us. We serve the NY, NJ, CT, Pa, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester, Boston, Long Island and Philadelphia markets.  We offer free consultations to help you see if a hair weave is going to be right for you, or one of our other 100 techniques will be better.

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