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Hair Center International NYC, New York is the premier hair salon in NYC.  We at Hair Center International of NYC are a full service hair salon.  We are the tops in hair salons, we have great reviews, and we are located in Astoria, Queens, NY, New York. Hair Center International is a Full Service Hair Salon. Hair Center Int. is a one stop shop. Hair Center Int. hair Salon does everything, from the most exotic Spa Facials, to the hardest hair colorings, to the best in Brazilian waxing. Please Review our menu options of services on our website. We also have 3 websites for you to review, as we have many websites.

Hair Center International Salon NYC is famous for our selection of upscale services.  We offer a full range of services, such as haircuts, colors, styles, extensions, hair replacement, eyelashes, and facials. Hair Center International is known for our outstanding salon.  Hair Center International New York has great reviews. Hair Center International Salon, is also frequently quoted in the media, as hair extension experts. Hair Center International NYC is the best hair salon in Astoria, and the worlds best hair extensions salon.

So, give Hair Center International a chance, try us you will not be disappointed.  Find out why people travel from around the world for Hair Center International Salon NYC. Call Hair Center International for an appointment.

Make sure you visit our home page at That is our home page for our our salon, where you can read about all of the hair salon services that we do at Hair Center International of NYC. Come in for a free consultation and hair analysis at our salon 7 days a week. 718-932-7777 Hair Center International

Redken Hair Products NYC

Redken Hair Products

We at Hair Center International have the best in hair care products.  We are located in NYC, New York in Astoria, Queens, NY.  We already spoke about Pureology, and how great those products are.  We also carry a full Line Of Redken Hair Products.  In our hair salon, we use Redken for all of our hair colors.  So if you come in and want a single process hair coloring, or a double process hair coloring, or the roots, we use Redken and L’Oreal Europe.  we feel at our salon in NYC, NY that those are the best products to use for hair coloring.

So if you have ever asked, where can I find a Redken salon, the answer is Hair Center International salon and Spa, the top hair salon in Queens, NY.

We also carry the whole Redken shampoo and conditioner line in our salon.  This includes the ones for Extreme Hair, Blond Hair, Men’s Hair, Colored Hair Etc.  We carry all Redken Mouses, Redken Gel’s, RedKen Hairsprays, Redken Treatments etc.

The prices are reasonable, and are not found in your local store.  So if you need them, come to us, we sell redken products.

Do you have an experience with redken Products, or have other favorites.  Let us hear about them on this blog!

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Pureology Hair Products NYC

We offer Pureology hair products at our NYC, New York Hair Salon in Astoria, Queens.  We are very impressed with the Pureology Hair Line of Pureology Shampoo and Pureology conditioners.  The brands are made very concentrated, because they don’t add any water.  Therefore, you don’t need a lot, when you was your hair.

Remember ladies, when washing your hair extensions, don’t use this product by the bonds.  We recommend other shampoos for hair extensions, since Pureology is very strong and powerful.

But it is a wonderful brand, we sell it along with Redkin, and many others at our salon and it is very popular at our salon.

Do you have an experience with Pureology products you would like to share?  Tell us here on our blog!

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Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening

Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening

We at Hair Center International are proud to offer Brazilian Hair Straightening in our luxury salon, located in Astoria, Queens, NY.  Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening is best and safest in the hair straightening process.  There are many other types of hair straightening processes, such as Japanese Hair Straightening.  We also offer that one, and many more.  What we like about the Brazilian, is that it is safe and naturally.  We have a special in our New York City Salon for this process at $250 for shoulder length hair, $300 for slightly pasted shoulder length, and $350 for mid back length.  You can expect this process to help make your hair straight for a few months, in a gentler manner than others.  Our Astoria, Queens salon is the best in the Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening business. We serve the Manhattan, Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Queens, New York, Forest Hills, Bayside, Whitestone, Sunnyside, LIC, Flushing, Nassau areas.

Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening is the process of making your hair straight by the use of adding Keratin to the hair that is then heated on your hair. The hair is first open up in a special process that allows the Brazilian Keratin to attach to the hair.

The Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening process slowly washes off every time you shower, and your hair will return to it’s original state in 3 months time on average, as long as you also you the Brazilian Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner Products.

We have 5 Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Professionals in our top hair salon located in Astoria, Queens, NY, New York, NYC.

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Biolustre Hair Repair Works

Biolustre Hair Repair

Do you have broken hair?  Dry hair?  Damaged Hair?  the one true Hair Repair system that I found that works is Biolustre.   We use it at our salon, and it is very popular.  We were one of the first in the USA to use it, and once again, the copycats came out and followed.  We are experts in hair repair.

Biolustre rebuilds your hair follicle structure.  Biolustre is the one hair repair formula that I have found to work.  That is why people travel to us from Manhattan, Westchester, Long Island, NJ, CT, Pa for all of their hair repair needs.

Biolustre is clinically proven to repair damaged follicles. we are one of the biggest Biolustre hair repair salons in the world. We have used Bioluster hair repair on hundreds of clients. Biolustre is one of the top hair repair formulas in the world.

When you visit our salon, and we will go over all of your hair repair options. We will see if Biolustre hair repair or some other hair repair treatment will be right for you.

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