Can you use curling Irons on Hair Extensions?

The answer is yes. Just do not touch the bonds. Doing so can damage the bonding if keratin or silicon were used. They also make the metal links hot if you used a link based attachment, which can hurt your scalp.

Rules of thumb for hair extensions. Get high quality human hair extensions. Do not use synthetic extensions. Make sure you go to a licensed professional cosmetologist to get them put in. Make sure they give you a customer care card in taking care of your extensions. Pay particular attention to brushing instructions.

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How to remove Hair Extensions?

Remove Hair Extensions

Best thing to do is go to a professional salon that specializes in hair extensions, to have them removed. You will need a special solution to remove them, and special pliers that work with the solution. It needs to be done very carefully, as not to damage your hair.

If you do it yourself, you will have hair loss or damaged hair, so be careful. Don’t take chances. I have seen hundreds of people try to remove hair extensions by themselves.  It is a bad idea.  Your hands cant reach the bonding’s correctly.  You can use the hair extension removal solution correctly.

Please if you are thinking about removing hair extensions by yourself, do not do it!  Go to a professional hair salon. We are a professional hair extensions removal salon located in New York, NY, in Astoria, Queens, NY with clients from Manhattan, Westchester, Long Island, NJ, CT, Pa

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Do people get pain from hair extensions?

Hair Extensions Painful?

Most people do not experience pain. Some people might for the first few days, especially if they have never had them before. Take Advil for the first few days, to help with the pain. What happens is that the extension is done close to the scalp, to conceal the extension. Sometimes, the new added weight of the hair gives people pain. Also, some people might have sensitive scalps. I had one customer with over processed hair who claimed pain, but she had over processed hair with a sensitive scalp, but like I said 90% + don’t feel pain. The Advil should help.

If it hurts into next week, go back to the stylist and have her take some hair bondings out in the sensitive areas. This will lower the pressure and tension.

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What to do with Dry Hair Extensions?

The dry extensions can be due to the following reasons

1) Cheap extensions – you get what you paid for
2) Hair stored incorrectly for a long time can dry the hair. Find out when the hair was purchased. A lot of firms like Great Lengths will re-credit the hair stylist for hair that is dry, if it was their fault.

Try getting a Biolustre Hair Repair Service/ Treatment. That cures the dry conditions and restores the hair to its pre-state. Good Stuff

Hair extensions should not get dry. If they feel dried out, talk to the salon that you bought them. If you bought them online, return them for your money back. They will look fake and tangle easy, so do not waste your time. Go to a reputable hair salon.

What do you do for your dry hair extensions, let us know here.

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