Are Extensions for Everyone?

Hair Extensions are not for everyone. If you had extensions before, and you like them, then they are definitely for you. If you never had them before, then things are different. Some people think they want longer or thicker hair, but when they get it, they have a hard time adjusting to seeing themselves with longer hair. Some people also look better with shorter hair than longer hair. With longer and fuller hair, wash and dries take longer. So yes, we are specialists in extensions, but I always like to remind people that extensions are great, but they might not be right for everyone. A free consult can help you decide.

Same Day Service

There are so many reasons that Hair Center International is the Best of the Best. We offer OVER 100 Different Hair Extensions, we have done over 100,000 Hair Additions, We are Masters in All of our Hair Extensions, and have Invented over a Dozen of our own Extension Techniques. BUT, what truly stands out, is that we do Same Day Service on all of our hair extensions and our female hair replacement services if you want to. We do this 7 Days a week.

We have people call us from all over the World. We have people fly to us on their private jets for the day, because they know that no matter what their condition is, what the problem is, that there is always something we can do for them, 7 DAYS a WEEK. AND we do it the SAME DAY if they want to.

We have dealt with women who have cut their hair off by accident, pulled it out due to stress, tangled their hair, had surgery, a bad haircut, an accident, whatever the reason is, and called us crying, that nobody can help them. We have NEVER run into any situation, that we have not been able to help a person, never. Nothing has been too hard or too difficult for us. We have 10 Full time hair extensions and hair replacement specialists, and can do something for most women 7 days a week.

We have a Massive inventory of colors, lengths, on all of our brands. On all of our 100 different brands! We have a over a Million Dollars in Hair Inventory! So if you are looking for someplace to do a same day extension, if you are traveling on holiday or vacation from Europe, visiting friends or family in state, make sure you plan a visit to our salon. Nobody can do what we do, nobody! There are tons of copycats and wannabes. We are the World’s Best, the best of the best, that is why everyone tries to work for us. We only hire the best of the best. We have dozens of celebrities, and everything is always confidential and private.

Make your plans to visit Hair Center International. We won first place for Best Hair extensions, Best haircuts, Best hair highlights, Best hair coloring salon, we are the place to be, the place to be seen.


Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Hair Extensions for Short Hair Options

How do you make short hair long?  You can grow it on your own.  It takes 1 month on average to grow  1/2 inch of hair.  Or you can do what all of the celebrities do and add hair extensions. Making hair extensions for short hair is our specialty in our plush hair salon.  We offer dozens of options to make your short hair long. We have over 70 methods for hair extensions for short hair. So if your are looking for hair extensions for short hair, come to our top New York salon. People come to our salon with short hair, after either a bad haircut, or damaged hair, wanting hair extensions for short hair.

There are many great hair extension types out there for people to choose, for hair extensions for short hair.  Great Lengths, HairDreams, Remylinks, LuxHair, and much more.  Choosing the right one is hard, because we offer so many good ones. We will help you find the best hair extensions for short hair.

There is no single choice for hair extensions for short hair.  A lot has to do with budget, how short your hair is, and how long you want to make it.

We have 15 hair extension artists for hair extensions for short hair We can turn you short Bob Haircut long, make your Pixie short haircut long.  We are experts when it comes to short hair and making it long.

Feel free to ask me which one is right for you, or call us to set up a free hair analysis and consultation. We go over what options are going to match your hair type, texture type, and based on budget, and goals, we find what is going to be the best way to make your short hair long.

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How did they get their hair to look like that?

Every watch a television show, and wonder how did they get their hair to look like that? Peoples hair are not naturally full and long, but if you where watching Tyra or Oprah, you sure wouldn’t think that. That is because of the growing use of hair extensions and Lace front wigs on television and on the big screen.

Tyra Banks and Beyonce use lace front wigs, a form of hair enhancement. It works by having your hair braided tight to your scalp, and a lace wig applied on the top of your head with either adhesive or tape. This style, very popular with African American women, allow you to have great, full, care free hair, and a change in texture from Yaki Hair which is typically associated with African American Women. Hair Center International, from, a famous hair salon that specializes in Hair extensions and Lace front wigs, has seen a surge in demand for these types of hair pieces due to Mainstreet following their celebrity stars. “Lace Front Wigs are the hottest thing right now for African American Women”, she explains. “You can’t get that European Hair Look with them that are why they are so popular today” she says.

Hair Extensions are also a way to extended your hair, an obtain body and length. This method can be done in many ways, but the most popular is using pre-bonded hair with keratin. The keratin is then attached with heat to the hair near the scalp, making it virtually invisible. Brittney Spears, Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton, all use hair extensions. “You can’t get that look without them” Patricia explains. “Your hair doesn’t grow that way so if you want full sexy hair, you will need hair extensions or a lace front wig” she says. So now, if you ever wondered how she got that look, you know the answer.

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How to get into the Hair Extensions Field?

What to know how to get into the hair extension field?  Here are some tips from our salon.  We offer the best in hair extensions training in our salon.  Want to be good?  Learn from the best we are the best!

Step 1 Go to cosmetology school, become a hairdresser. Do not do extensions if you are not a licensed hairdresser

Step 2 Get certified in hair extensions from companies that have brands that are successful. You need to pay, and take hands on training course. This will make you certified, and they will teach you how to do it.

Step 3 You will be ready to do hair extensions.

Until you do steps 1-3, don’t touch anyone one’s hair. You can damage it.

We offer training classes in our hair salon.  We have numerous training for people who want to get in the hair extension field.  Prices are not cheap, as we charge $2500 a day for 8 hours of training.  But, if you want to be the best, you need to learn from the best, and we are the best.

Looking to get into the hair extension training field?  Taking classes?  Let us know here!

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Are Hair Extensions right for Teenagers?

I believe that hair extensions for non legal adults (under 18) is OK for kids and parents with the means to pay for them. For example, if your parents are worth a few million, and make 6 to 7 figures a year, then it is OK. If you got the money, spending it on your kids to make them look good is OK, especially for the trendy kids.

For the vast majority of kids, I would say no. They are expensive for good ones $1500 on average. You are much better off, saving that money for college. Plus, you need regular maintenance, to make them look good, so the costs get high fast.

My recommendation then is to save your money, get into a good school, and after school, you will be making lots of money, and get all the hair extensions you want.

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