Fusion Hair Extensions Salon

Fusion Hair Extensions Salon

When people think fusion hair extensions, they should think Hair Center International. Nobody, and I mean nobody, has more Fusion Hair Extensions Options than our salon. We offer Over 100 different extension options, many of them are fusion options. Great Lengths, HairDreams, LuxHair, Socap, are all examples of fusion extensions. Fusion is the process of fusing small amounts of hair in small amounts to your hair, strategically placed, depending on your hair goals, throughout your hair. The bonding agent is usually a keratin polymer, or other intermediate. This polymer can be fused in many ways, such as heat, ultrasonic waves, air pressure, or laser. Hair Center International, does all of these types of fusion techniques. We are the New York, NY, leader in Fusion Hair Extensions. We also have many Custom Fusion Techniques, that were developed in house, and are patent pending.

If you are looking for Fusion Hair Extensions in New York, Fusion Hair Extensions in NYC, Fusion Hair Extensions near Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, NJ, CT, come to the fusion Hair Pro’s, Hair Center International Famous Salon. Funny thing is, I see a competitor advertise Great Lengths Cold Fusion Hair Extensions in NJ, saying that is the only technique you need to do, since tat is all they do. Well, we offer that technique, plus dozens of other techniques, so I don’t see what there advantage is. We do more fusion techniques that anyone else in the world, in our NY, New York salon in Astoria, Queens, NYC.

We are Fusion experts in Laser Hair Fusion, Hot Fusion Techniques, Cold Fusion Techniques, Ultrasonic Fusion techniques, and Air Pressure Multi Strand Techniques. Best thing to do, is come in for a free hair analysis and consultation. We see what Fusion hair Technique is going to be best for your hair. We go over your Fusion Hair options, and try to find something that matches your hair goals and budgets. You can even do a same day fusion consultation and fusion extension. That saves you from making 2 trips.

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Premium Hair Weaves

Premium Hair Weaves Salon – Best Hair Weaves Salon

Hair Center International offers the best in Premium Hair Weaves in the NYC, NY area. Hair Center International, located in Astoria, Queens, New York in NYC, NY, only deals with Premium Hair Weaves, and no other.  I always have people call our salon, and say, "I am looking for a weave"  I always say, why?  Why a hair weave, instead of something else?  So I want to write something on my blog, to help explain the weave versus better options. We are the best premium only hair weave salon, in the New York, NY area, located in Astoria, Queens, NYC. We have customers from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester, Long Island, CT, New Jersey, Philadelphia, etc.

We offer many different hair weave types.  We offer everything from tracks, to sew in weaves, net weaves to our interlocking weave. Now, Weaves should be done, for ONLY people who are looking to cover up your existing hair.  That means you are not looking to integrate your current hair, or blend in your current hair into any type of extension.   It is also made for people who do not want a Lace Front Wig or a Hair Replacement system.  If you are not interested in those things, then a weave is a way for you to obtain long hair.

That said, I recommend not doing a weave, weaving, weaving hair, sew hair weave, etc.  There are much better hair options for you than hair weaves. A Fusion extension, or other Extension, is a great way for you to have longer hair, and you can change the texture with extensions.  They are also easier to maintain and take care of than hair weaves.

The problem with weaves, is that the hair is trapped underneath your new hair you put, so your scalp doesn’t breathe the way you want. In this case, a lace wig can get you the same results.  Hair Weaves work on people not looking for an adhesive based solution.

The reason I am pointing this out, is that many people call for a weave, not because they want one, but because they are not aware of the different options that are available to them. Many African American girls for example go to salons, that push them to weaves, because that is all the salon offers. We at Hair Center International do the opposite.  We are well aware of all of the different options available to all women, Caucasians, Latinas, African American girls, and we do what is right for the person, not because we only do one thing.  We have well over 100 Different hair options for all women.  We are the premier salon in the world, and like to offer the right solution.

Now that said, I want to discuss weave options we offer.  We offer Premium Hair Weaves ONLY.  That means, we use the same type of hair that we do on our popular hair extensions, which are Premium Indian Hair, Premium Yaki Hair, Premium Russian Hair, Premium European Hair, Premium Brazilian Hair, and Premium Virgin Hair.  We do great interlocking weaves, sew in weaves, and hair netting weaves. The price range on our hair weaves are $500 – $1300. We don’t offer any cheap hair weaves, because we only deal with premium products. And like I said, Hair Weaves should only be used by people looking to cover their existing hair, not blend it, and for people not looking for lace wigs or hair replacement.

We are the NYC, New York leaders in Quality hair weaves. If you are looking for the best hair weave in NYC, New York, call us. We serve the NY, NJ, CT, Pa, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester, Boston, Long Island and Philadelphia markets.  We offer free consultations to help you see if a hair weave is going to be right for you, or one of our other 100 techniques will be better.

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Best Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

There are many articles and websites to claim to know or do cold fusion hair extensions, but no salon does as many or knows so much about cold fusion hair extensions, like Hair Center International Hair Extensions Salon.  We are cold fusion hair extension leaders.  Cold Fusion hair extensions are the process of hair extensions to your hair, without using heat.  It is also done in a individual strand way, similar to the hot fusion process.  By avoiding the use of heat, your hair stays healthy by not damaging your hair follicles with heat.

Hair Center International, offers the following Cold Fusion Hair Extension Types.

Ultrasonic Cold Fusion

Laser Hair Fusion

Air Pressure Hair Fusion

Since no heat is used, you can also say that a link based, seamless based system is a cold fusion system, but that is not exactly correct.  The system has to be similar to a hot fusion based method, with individual strands.  Other those other systems are very good, they do not meet the criteria of cold fusion hair extensions.

Hair Center International is the leader in female hair extensions and cold fusion.

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Fusion Hair Extensions NYC

Fusion Extensions

Hair Center International Hair Extensions salon located in NYC, New York in Astoria, Queens is famous for their Over 70 Different Hair Extensions & Hair Replacement types, but the most popular of them all are called Fusion Hair Extensions.  Now Fusion Hair Extensions can apply to many hair extension types.  The basis behind fusion is the connecting of the hair extension hair to your own hair by bonding, or fusion, hence the name fusion hair extensions.  There are many ways to “Fuse” the hair.  It can be done by heat, by Ultrasonic Waves, by Laser, and by Air Pressure.  We at Hair Center International are one of the few hair salons in the world that does them all.

We are the premier Fusion Hair Extension Salon in the NYC, NY area. We are located in Astoria, Queens, New York, and have customers from Manhattan, Long Island, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, NJ, CT, and Pa.

So if you are looking for an expert in the art of hair fusion, or fusion hair extensions, look no further than Hair Center International Hair Extensions Salon and Spa.

Remember, Great lengths is a fusion technique.  HairDreams is a fusion technique.  LuxHair is a fusion Technique.  In each of those, they are offered in multiple fusion techniques, like the cold fusion, or laser, or air pressure that we talked about earlier. See our main website for all of our fusion extensions types.

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

Air Pressure Fusion Extensions

Ultrasonic Fusion Extensions

What is your favorite fusion technique?  Let us know on this blog!

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Hair Extension Methods

Hair Extensions Methods – Best Hair Extensions Methods

We at Hair Center International Hair Extensions salon, offer more hair extension methods, that anyone in the world.  Our hair extension methods are the best available on the market. Each one of our hair extension methods, uses real, natural 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions.  We offer ZERO hair techniques with artificial hair.  Each one of our methods, has been tested and proven by us, to be one of the best hair methods on the market.  We have formulated a dozen of our own methods.  We have numerous patents pending in hair extension techniques.  We have many trademarked brands of our own hair extensions methods.

We search daily for new hair extension methods, so rest assured that our hair extension methods are updated regularly.  We always go to hair shows to see and learn new hair extension methods.  We also develop our own hair extension methods, and have developed one dozen of our own hair extensions methods. Soon we will have over 70 Different Hair Extension Methods. We test new methods every week, to see if that hair extension method is something worth having in our hair salon. 90% of Hair Extensions Methods are discarded, as not what we want to offer. that is one reason we have our own R&D hair lab, and have patents pending, and our own research team. We love coming up with new and exciting hair extension methods, not found in any other salon!

Feel free to ask me about the various hair extension methods, by booking a free hair consultation in our salon, or right here on the blog.

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Astoria, Queens, NY

Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Hair Extensions for Short Hair Options

How do you make short hair long?  You can grow it on your own.  It takes 1 month on average to grow  1/2 inch of hair.  Or you can do what all of the celebrities do and add hair extensions. Making hair extensions for short hair is our specialty in our plush hair salon.  We offer dozens of options to make your short hair long. We have over 70 methods for hair extensions for short hair. So if your are looking for hair extensions for short hair, come to our top New York salon. People come to our salon with short hair, after either a bad haircut, or damaged hair, wanting hair extensions for short hair.

There are many great hair extension types out there for people to choose, for hair extensions for short hair.  Great Lengths, HairDreams, Remylinks, LuxHair, and much more.  Choosing the right one is hard, because we offer so many good ones. We will help you find the best hair extensions for short hair.

There is no single choice for hair extensions for short hair.  A lot has to do with budget, how short your hair is, and how long you want to make it.

We have 15 hair extension artists for hair extensions for short hair We can turn you short Bob Haircut long, make your Pixie short haircut long.  We are experts when it comes to short hair and making it long.

Feel free to ask me which one is right for you, or call us to set up a free hair analysis and consultation. We go over what options are going to match your hair type, texture type, and based on budget, and goals, we find what is going to be the best way to make your short hair long.

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Great Lengths the best?

One thing that people always ask me, is Great Lengths Hair Extensions the best on the market?  It is one of the top three for sure.  I would rate Great Lengths, Hair Dreams Laser Beamer, and Remylinks, the top three hair extensions in the world.

I am one of only five certified in all 3 Great Lengths Hair Extensions in the US, and the only one in the NYC, New York Area.  I have easily done around 20,000 Great Lengths Hair Extensions.  Great Lengths is easily the top technique as far as quality, longevity, and as far as being easy to maintain.  I have many international customers, and I recommend Great Lengths to them, because they can visit me every 5-6 months, and the hair stays great.

We offer Great Lengths Air Pressure or the Multi Strand Method.  We were first in offering it, it is a great way to have hair extensions done quickly.  We went to Kansas to get certified in the cold Fusion system a few years back.  I recommend this system, because it uses no heat, and is very safe on the hair.

If you are using hair extensions for the first time in your life, this is also a great system, because it gives you a favorable impression of hair extensions.

Ring based systems like Remylinks, take some time to get use to.  There is a little more pull that a regular hair extension system in the beginning.  the advantage of Remylinks is it can be re-used for a year and a half, and the hair stays great.

Great Lengths should probably start a re-usable hair extension line, because I am sure it would be very popular.

We are located in Astoria, Queens, NY, and we are the best hair extensions salon in the country by far.  we are the most copied hair salon in the world, as I have hundreds of E-mails of salons around the world who write me to tell me they copy my ideas.  Why go to the copycats, when you can come to the one and only Hair Center International Hair Extensions Salon.

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Paris Hilton Dream Catchers Hair Extensions

We do DreamCatchers, along with 49 others. It is a good hair extension system. The hair feels very nice, it is European, and adjustable.

I prefer Great Lengths, HairDreams and Remylinks though. Great Lengths Hair Extensions are the top of the line, and nobody has the scale or quality to compete. HairDreams is great also; the Laserbeamer is unique, fast, with great hair quality. For Adjustable based methods, I prefer Remylinks, the hair doesn’t tangle, and the hair holds great.

But to answer your question, DreamCatchers is fine, a step above HairLocs, which is another link based system. But for the same price, I would choose Great Lengths and HairDreams. I do them all, so I have nothing to gain in the choice, but that is my honest opinion.

Also, if you’re on a budget, something like SoCap is fine or a seamless system like Ultratress for $500 does the trick also.

Good Luck with your extensions

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Is Great Lengths the Best Hair Extensions in the World?

We are one of only 5 Hair Salons in the country that do all three Great Lengths Hair Extensions. We do Great Lengths Fusion, Great Lengths Cold Fusion and Great Lengths Air Pressure. I can honestly say that Great Lengths is one of the best Hair Extension Systems in the world. Look, I have done over 100,000 Hair Additions. I wouldn’t lie to you. Great Lengths is a great product. The Hair Lasts for up to 6 months, the bonds are very strong, the hair doesn’t tangle, and the quality is great. Great Lengths buys 6 tons of hair a month direct from temples in India. They have a scope of purchasing power, labs, processing that is gigantic, and can’t be beat. They put together an A+ product. That is why celebs love to use it.

Now, there are some other companies that have great products also. HairDreams is a great hair extension line, and their Laser Method for high speed attachments is second to none. I recommend them very much.

For Non Keratin based methods, I recommend, Remylinks, which is the top of the line, adjustable hair extension method.

One thing to know is choosing your extension method also depends on price. If you can afford to spend $1200-$1500 and up for the above 3 methods to START for length, you are fine. Otherwise methods such as SoCap are OK, and you can always use a seamless method like Ultratress if you on a budget of around $500.

Figure out your price range and your goals. I hope the above information helps you, and good luck in your hair extension search.

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