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There are so many reasons that Hair Center International is the Best of the Best. We offer OVER 100 Different Hair Extensions, we have done over 100,000 Hair Additions, We are Masters in All of our Hair Extensions, and have Invented over a Dozen of our own Extension Techniques. BUT, what truly stands out, is that we do Same Day Service on all of our hair extensions and our female hair replacement services if you want to. We do this 7 Days a week.

We have people call us from all over the World. We have people fly to us on their private jets for the day, because they know that no matter what their condition is, what the problem is, that there is always something we can do for them, 7 DAYS a WEEK. AND we do it the SAME DAY if they want to.

We have dealt with women who have cut their hair off by accident, pulled it out due to stress, tangled their hair, had surgery, a bad haircut, an accident, whatever the reason is, and called us crying, that nobody can help them. We have NEVER run into any situation, that we have not been able to help a person, never. Nothing has been too hard or too difficult for us. We have 10 Full time hair extensions and hair replacement specialists, and can do something for most women 7 days a week.

We have a Massive inventory of colors, lengths, on all of our brands. On all of our 100 different brands! We have a over a Million Dollars in Hair Inventory! So if you are looking for someplace to do a same day extension, if you are traveling on holiday or vacation from Europe, visiting friends or family in state, make sure you plan a visit to our salon. Nobody can do what we do, nobody! There are tons of copycats and wannabes. We are the World’s Best, the best of the best, that is why everyone tries to work for us. We only hire the best of the best. We have dozens of celebrities, and everything is always confidential and private.

Make your plans to visit Hair Center International. We won first place for Best Hair extensions, Best haircuts, Best hair highlights, Best hair coloring salon, we are the place to be, the place to be seen.


Great Lengths the best?

One thing that people always ask me, is Great Lengths Hair Extensions the best on the market?  It is one of the top three for sure.  I would rate Great Lengths, Hair Dreams Laser Beamer, and Remylinks, the top three hair extensions in the world.

I am one of only five certified in all 3 Great Lengths Hair Extensions in the US, and the only one in the NYC, New York Area.  I have easily done around 20,000 Great Lengths Hair Extensions.  Great Lengths is easily the top technique as far as quality, longevity, and as far as being easy to maintain.  I have many international customers, and I recommend Great Lengths to them, because they can visit me every 5-6 months, and the hair stays great.

We offer Great Lengths Air Pressure or the Multi Strand Method.  We were first in offering it, it is a great way to have hair extensions done quickly.  We went to Kansas to get certified in the cold Fusion system a few years back.  I recommend this system, because it uses no heat, and is very safe on the hair.

If you are using hair extensions for the first time in your life, this is also a great system, because it gives you a favorable impression of hair extensions.

Ring based systems like Remylinks, take some time to get use to.  There is a little more pull that a regular hair extension system in the beginning.  the advantage of Remylinks is it can be re-used for a year and a half, and the hair stays great.

Great Lengths should probably start a re-usable hair extension line, because I am sure it would be very popular.

We are located in Astoria, Queens, NY, and we are the best hair extensions salon in the country by far.  we are the most copied hair salon in the world, as I have hundreds of E-mails of salons around the world who write me to tell me they copy my ideas.  Why go to the copycats, when you can come to the one and only Hair Center International Hair Extensions Salon.

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Is Great Lengths the Best Hair Extensions in the World?

We are one of only 5 Hair Salons in the country that do all three Great Lengths Hair Extensions. We do Great Lengths Fusion, Great Lengths Cold Fusion and Great Lengths Air Pressure. I can honestly say that Great Lengths is one of the best Hair Extension Systems in the world. Look, I have done over 100,000 Hair Additions. I wouldn’t lie to you. Great Lengths is a great product. The Hair Lasts for up to 6 months, the bonds are very strong, the hair doesn’t tangle, and the quality is great. Great Lengths buys 6 tons of hair a month direct from temples in India. They have a scope of purchasing power, labs, processing that is gigantic, and can’t be beat. They put together an A+ product. That is why celebs love to use it.

Now, there are some other companies that have great products also. HairDreams is a great hair extension line, and their Laser Method for high speed attachments is second to none. I recommend them very much.

For Non Keratin based methods, I recommend, Remylinks, which is the top of the line, adjustable hair extension method.

One thing to know is choosing your extension method also depends on price. If you can afford to spend $1200-$1500 and up for the above 3 methods to START for length, you are fine. Otherwise methods such as SoCap are OK, and you can always use a seamless method like Ultratress if you on a budget of around $500.

Figure out your price range and your goals. I hope the above information helps you, and good luck in your hair extension search.

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