High Quality Rooster Feather Hair Extensions in NYC

Feather Hair Extensions NYC consist of six feathers, bonded at the tip, and equal ONE feather hair extension.  Each Original Feather Hair Extensions is a patent (pending) design which contains a hand selected combination of complementary colored and natural high quality feathers that are attached at the tip with a special adhesive to ensure easy installation and maintainability.

Natural Feather Hair Extensions consist of a variety of our current selection of natural colored hair feathers.  The Original Feather Hair Extensions are a blend of the colored feathers and the natural feathers. If, for example, you order a red Feather Hair Extensions you will receive a bundle that has approximately six red feathers and natural feathers.

Feather Hair Extensions NYC can be brushed, blow-dried, straightened and even curled (up to 450°).  We have a wide range of feather extensions, all sizes, shapes, colors, real feathers. They will last up to four months, depending on how they are cared for.  Please note they will naturally grow out with the hair.  Loose feathers will slip out of the link but fine feather hair extensions with special patented design helps keep the feather hair extensions in place and allows for easy insertion and maintenance. We charge $15 a feather, that includes the feather extension and install.

Over time Hair Center International Feather hair extensions evolved into what we now offer, and we’ve had very positive feedback.  Our special patented technique of bonding the feathers together enables our product to last longer than if the feathers was attached loosely. The adhesive tip of feather hair extensions facilitates easy insertion into the silicone lined micro links and creates a stronger bond between the micro links and feathers in the hair.  As the hair grows out, our special and latest technique ensures that the removal and re-insertion of the Feather hair extensions bundle will be both simple and easy, without losing any feathers along the way.  We have a huge variety of colors and our Original Feather hair extensions consist of a selection of complimentary colors.  We have found that our clients really enjoy being able to see the way the colors look together and make their choice accordingly.

When looking for feather hair extensions Salons, the most important factor is trying to find the best feather hair extensions salon out there. No need to go someplace where the people are not certified.  There are also places in NYC where the salon says they do hair extensions, but when you want to see pictures of actual clients, they don’t have any! Never choose a feather hair extensions salon in NYC that doesn’t have any before and after pictures.  A top quality feather hair extensions salon in NYC should have hundreds of before and after pictures of actual clients.

Our Hair Center International is well known for Feather Hair Extensions. We can say that we are the best in feather hair extensions and there is no doubt in it. We provide you with a wide range of feather extensions, all sizes, shapes, colors, real feathers which meets your dream. We are experts in Feather Hair Extensions.

Hair Center International Feather Hair Extensions in New York Salon uses only quality rooster feather which are branded and of top quality. They gives you all comforts and opulence and indeed very much hygienic. The staffs in this salon are all certified and well trained and experienced in treating all types of hairs. This salon pursues the latest technologies in their salon where you can see nowhere but here. Hair Center International-Feather Hair Extensions in NYC offer a drastic change to the hair. Whether you need extra length for a wedding Updo or desire more volume. You have tons of options available in Hair Center International.