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Here is good news for all the customers of Hair Center International. We have joined the new way of keeping our customers updated about the happening at there favorite Hair Extension Salon.

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Visit latest version of our website

We hope you enjoy the latest version of our website, which has been in the works for months. Take your time to click all tabs, menu bar items, and multiple buttons on each page. We have thousands of client pictures, video’s, before and after’s for you to see. We are the premier hair extensions and hair replacement salon in the world.

We offer free consults and same day services for hair extensions, hair loss solutions and treatments, and we are a Full Service hair salon. We are open 7 days a week. We have a gigantic inventory, with the most hair specialists found anywhere in the world.

We look forward to your visit.

Thanks to all for a Great 2012

I wanted to Thank All of our Loyal clients for making 2012 start and continue to record levels. We have done over 25,000 Individual Hair Extensions, 10,000 Lace Wig Applications and 10,000 Individual Hair Loss Systems in our 20 Years of Existence. That is without including repeats from existing clients or re-sets of hair systems or extensions. When included, we have done over 100,000 Hair Additions in total.

We are in process of uploading thousands of pictures, with another thousand due up in a week or so. Our lab has made live many more techniques, as we are over 100 in all now, and double that if you counted like other salons. We don’t list things live until they have been applied 500 times. At that point we give it it’s own button.

We have three more job openings, as we are busy hiring to grow our salon staff of over 30 strong. We also are hiring rapidly at our hair companies to meet rapidly rising sales.

Thank you to our loyal customers for trusting us with your hair.

Same Day Service

There are so many reasons that Hair Center International is the Best of the Best. We offer OVER 100 Different Hair Extensions, we have done over 100,000 Hair Additions, We are Masters in All of our Hair Extensions, and have Invented over a Dozen of our own Extension Techniques. BUT, what truly stands out, is that we do Same Day Service on all of our hair extensions and our female hair replacement services if you want to. We do this 7 Days a week.

We have people call us from all over the World. We have people fly to us on their private jets for the day, because they know that no matter what their condition is, what the problem is, that there is always something we can do for them, 7 DAYS a WEEK. AND we do it the SAME DAY if they want to.

We have dealt with women who have cut their hair off by accident, pulled it out due to stress, tangled their hair, had surgery, a bad haircut, an accident, whatever the reason is, and called us crying, that nobody can help them. We have NEVER run into any situation, that we have not been able to help a person, never. Nothing has been too hard or too difficult for us. We have 10 Full time hair extensions and hair replacement specialists, and can do something for most women 7 days a week.

We have a Massive inventory of colors, lengths, on all of our brands. On all of our 100 different brands! We have a over a Million Dollars in Hair Inventory! So if you are looking for someplace to do a same day extension, if you are traveling on holiday or vacation from Europe, visiting friends or family in state, make sure you plan a visit to our salon. Nobody can do what we do, nobody! There are tons of copycats and wannabes. We are the World’s Best, the best of the best, that is why everyone tries to work for us. We only hire the best of the best. We have dozens of celebrities, and everything is always confidential and private.

Make your plans to visit Hair Center International. We won first place for Best Hair extensions, Best haircuts, Best hair highlights, Best hair coloring salon, we are the place to be, the place to be seen.


Hair Center Int. NYC – Hair Center International

Hair Center International Hair Extensions – Hair Center International Salon

Hair Center International NYC, New York is the premier hair salon in NYC.  We at Hair Center International of NYC are a full service hair salon.  We are the tops in hair salons, we have great reviews, and we are located in Astoria, Queens, NY, New York. Hair Center International is a Full Service Hair Salon. Hair Center Int. is a one stop shop. Hair Center Int. hair Salon does everything, from the most exotic Spa Facials, to the hardest hair colorings, to the best in Brazilian waxing. Please Review our menu options of services on our website. We also have 3 websites for you to review, as we have many websites.

Hair Center International Salon NYC is famous for our selection of upscale services.  We offer a full range of services, such as haircuts, colors, styles, extensions, hair replacement, eyelashes, and facials. Hair Center International is known for our outstanding salon.  Hair Center International New York has great reviews. Hair Center International Salon, is also frequently quoted in the media, as hair extension experts. Hair Center International NYC is the best hair salon in Astoria, and the worlds best hair extensions salon.

So, give Hair Center International a chance, try us you will not be disappointed.  Find out why people travel from around the world for Hair Center International Salon NYC. Call Hair Center International for an appointment.

Make sure you visit our home page at That is our home page for our our salon, where you can read about all of the hair salon services that we do at Hair Center International of NYC. Come in for a free consultation and hair analysis at our salon 7 days a week. 718-932-7777 Hair Center International

Long Island Hair Extensions Salon

Long Island Hair Extensions – Hair Extensions LI

We are located in Astoria, Queens, which is within minutes of Long Island, LI, NY.  We have many customers in the Long Island Area, from cities such as Great Neck, Manhasset, North Shore, South Shore, Central, Floral Park, Islip, Old Westbury, Nassau, Suffolk, the Hampton’s etc.  You can either take the Long Island Rail Road to our salon, or we are minutes away from the Grand Central Parkway.  We are the only hair salon in the world, that does over 100 Different Hair Extensions Types, and have done over 100,000 hair Additions to date.  Feel free to share your thoughts here about other Long Island Hair Extensions Salons.

We are the World’s top extensions salon. That is why so many people from Long Island, LI come to our salon for hair extensions. So are you looking for Long Island Hair Extensions? Hair Extensions in LI? Hair Extensions near LI, Long Island? Hair Extensions close to Long Island? Then visit our top salon today! So close from Great Neck, Manhasset, North Shore, South Shore, Central, Floral Park, Islip, Old Westbury, Nassau, Suffolk, the Hampton’s etc,

We do same day extensions. What does that mean? You can come it, get a free hair extensions consultation, and do your hair the same day! So if you live in Long Island, that means you save from having to make two trips! Plus our LI, Long Island friends, get instant gratification. No wonder so many Long Island woman come to our top salon, versus anywhere else! It is well worth the trip from Nassau and Suffolk counties.


Make sure you visit our home page at

Astoria, Queens Best Hair Salon

Astoria Hair Salon – Hair Salons in Astoria, Queens – Best Salons in Astoria, Queens, NY

Hair Center International Hair Extensions Salon and Spa.  We are located in Astoria, Queens, NY.  We are the best hair salon in Queens, the best in Astoria, the best in New York for that matter.  We perform all hair services, such as hair cuts, colors, highlights, lowlights, waxing, facials, eyelashes, makeup, bridal packages, and our world famous 70 Different Hair Extensions Types. Visit our posh Astoria, Queens hair and beauty salon today. We have many clients from Forest Hills, Bayside, Whitestone, Malba, Sunnyside, Flushing, Woodside, Midtown, downtown, Upper East Side, Soho, Upper West Side, etc. Astoria is easy to get to from Manhattan and Queens, New York

Astoria, Queens, NY is easy to get to.  We are close to Manhattan, Westchester, Long Island, CT, NJ.  Astoria is in the heart of Queens, and easy to get to.  When planning our salon, we chose Astoria, Queens, NY for a reason.  The reason is that Astoria is close to all the areas we wanted to service. There are many shopping area also to go to when in Astoria, so you will have plenty to do.

You can take the R and the V trains to Steinway St stop in Astoria.  We are one block away. It is that easy to Astoria, Queens, NY. Astoria is one of the most centrally located areas in Queens and NY.

I have directions to our Astoria Hair Salon and Spa in our websites home section.  You can print that out to see the various ways to get to Astoria, Queens fro all major locations. We are well worth the trip in Astoria, Queens. We are located on the best block, in Astoria, Queens, NY. You can then going shopping in Astoria, or get a bite to eat. Astoria, Queens is a hot destination for many woman today. Our Astoria, NY salon is not matchable by any other Astoria, Queens salons. We are the leader in Astoria, in cuts, colors, blowdrys, spa facials, extensions, hair loss, Brazilian keratin, Brazilian Waxing, Wedding Hair, and much more!

Visit us for our pricing, and free consultations. Open 7 days a week in Astoria, Queens, NY

Make sure you visit our home page at


Best Hair Salon in NYC

Best Hair Salon in NYC – Best Hair Salons in NYC – Best Hair Salon in New York, NY

We are considered one of the best hair salons in NYC.  We have the most unique hair services, nobody does more unique services.  We offer hair extensions, eyelash extensions, mink eyelash extensions, facials, exotic facials, etc.  We have a huge Bridal Hair Salon Menu for the whole Bridal party.  Our NYC Hair Salon does 10 Exotic Spa Facials, everything from Oxygen to Wine Spa Facials. We have 3 different eyelashes extensions in our NYC Hair Salon. We have 4 top Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment Specialists in our best NYC, New York hair salon. What other New York, NYC salon offers so many choices, on so many unique services, like our Best NYC, New York hair salon?

Are you looking for the best hair salon in NYC? Are you on vacation in NYC, and looking for the best hair salon in NYC?  Are you traveling for business, and want the best NY hair salon? We are one of the best hair salons in NYC.  Our NYC Hair Salon, specializes in exotic services not found anywhere else.  We do mink eyelashes, 14K Gold Facials, etc.  We do female hair replacement, over 11 different types! We are not just a cut and color salon, like some of the other NYC, New York salons, that think they are the best hair salon in NYC.

Our salon, has a quality staff, is friendly, talented, and fun.  We have a Posh decor that anyone would be pressed to outdo.  So come, visit the truly best hair salon in NYC, the best hair salon in NY, the best hair salon in Queens, that is Hair Center International of NY!

We offer free consultations, we go over your hair options, and we specialize in same day service for people outside the New York, NY area, that are traveling to NYC, NY, looking for the best in NYC hair salons.

Visit us, we are the Top Hair Salon in NYC.

Make sure you visit our home page at

30-71 Steinway St
Astoria, NY, NYC
New York, NY