Kate Gosselin Hair Extensions

Kate Gosselin Hair Extensions

The whole internet is on Kate Gosselin watch. Kate has just added hair extensions, to give her a new hair look. Kate Gosselin is famous for appearing on a reality show, and the dramatic breakup with her husband. She has Great Lengths hair extensions, and now everyone is talking about hair extensions. Hair Center International is the top hair extension and lace front wig salon that we offer same day hair extensions and lace wig applications for people who live anywhere.

If you want to have extensions like Kate Gosselin, call our salon today. We are the top hair salon for extensions in the world. We offer over 100 Different hair extension types, including the same hair extensions that Kate Gosselin has.

We offer all 3 Great Lengths hair extension types, and do more complicated hair extensions than Kate even has. We are the best in the world in extensions, and can make your hair look just like Kate Gosselin, or better for that matter. We have been doing extensions for 17 years, way before the new Kate Gosselin hair craze.

We help you match your hair type, texture and goals to that ultimate look. We are expert hair colorists, hair stylists, hair designers also, so get a new look like Kate Gosselin today. You can get a same day hair consult and service.

We are located in New York, in Astoria, NYC. We have people travel to us from all over the USA, so call us at

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