Celebrity Lace Front Wigs Salon

Premium Lace Front Wigs Salon – Celebrity Lace Front Wigs Salon

If you are looking for a Best Premium Human Lace Front Wig, the kind your favorite celebrity would wear, check out Hair Center International Premium Lace Wigs salon, located in New York, NY, in Astoria, Queens, NY. We are close to Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, NJ, CT, Boston, and Philadelphia. Hair Center International Lace Wigs are Premium, exclusive Remy Human Celebrity Lace Front Wigs. They are made using the same hair types her premium human hair extension brands. These are the types of lace wigs that celebrities wear, the best of the best. No wonder her lace hair salon attracts people from all over New York, NY, Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, CT, NJ, Philadelphia, and all over the world.

Hair Center International Premium Celebrity Lace Front Wigs set themselves apart for many reasons:

1) An average of 50-60 hours, of hand made work is used for each Lace Front Wig. She does Full Lace Wigs, Partial Lace Wigs, Lace Frontals, and Custom Lace Wigs.
2) The hair for her Lace Front Wigs is the same types used in our premium hair extension types. Do you want Remy Human Hair, Yaki Human Hair, European Human Hair, Virgin Human Hair, Premium Remy Human Hair, those are the ones used in Hair Center Int. Premium Lace Front Wigs.
3) All are Celebrity Natural Lace Wigs, the type that nobody would know you are wearing one.
4) Hair Center International Lace Front Wig Showroom, is on a Private floor, and is not accessible to everyone. Appointments are required, and privacy is assured.
5) We have 3 Private VIP rooms, each with private sinks, Fendi Furniture, TV’s, etc in each room. Drinks and refreshments are served.
6) We have 6 people who apply Lace Front Wigs, each having applied a minimum of 500 each.
7) We offer the Gold Standard of Lace Wigs. A Partial Lace Front Wig in the front, and hair extensions in the back. Nobody else can do that, the same day! This is considered the deluxe!
8) Convenient Location. We are located in Astoria, Queens NY, which is centrally located to all of NY, NJ, CT, Philadelphia, Boston, Long Island, Westchester, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, New Jersey! Very easy to get to!
9) All hair is 100% Premium Remy Human Hair in all Lace Wigs.
10) We offer same day service. Have a consultation and application, the same day! Everyone is offered a one on one private consultation.

That all said, Celebrity Lace Front Wigs are not cheap. If you are looking to spend $200, they have nothing for you in that price range. Premium Lace Wigs, the ones that are the best front lace wigs, the most real looking lace front wigs, the most natural lace front wigs, cost more than that. The Price Range for Hair Center International Lace Wigs is $800 and up, which includes the application. They are well worth the price, if you are looking to have a real looking lace front wig, a natural looking lace front wig, the type a celebrity would wear. Do you think Beyonce, Tyra, Oprah, wear cheap lace wigs? No they don’t! They wear the best, most real looking premium human hair lace wigs on the market! That is the same type of Lace Front Wig that Hair Center International Lace Wig salon carries. That is why we have many VIP customers, many celebrities, and famous people that buy lace front wigs from them. Best thing privacy is always assured in Hair Center International.

So, do you live in NYC, NY, and want the best lace front wig? Do you want a Lace Wig, like Tyra, Beyonce, and Oprah would wear? Live in New Jersey, CT, Philadelphia, Boston, Brooklyn, Long Island, Westchester, Manhattan, Queens, and want the best lace front wig? Visiting from Paris, Rome, Europe, London, England, Africa, France, the Caribbean, Europe, and want a 100% Premium Human Lace Wig! Call us, the best in hair extensions and celebrity lace front wigs, in the NYC, New York, NY area!

30-71 Steinway St
Astoria, NY, 11103
New York, NY, NYC


Lace Front Wigs

Fusion Hair Extensions Salon

Fusion Hair Extensions Salon

When people think fusion hair extensions, they should think Hair Center International. Nobody, and I mean nobody, has more Fusion Hair Extensions Options than our salon. We offer Over 100 different extension options, many of them are fusion options. Great Lengths, HairDreams, LuxHair, Socap, are all examples of fusion extensions. Fusion is the process of fusing small amounts of hair in small amounts to your hair, strategically placed, depending on your hair goals, throughout your hair. The bonding agent is usually a keratin polymer, or other intermediate. This polymer can be fused in many ways, such as heat, ultrasonic waves, air pressure, or laser. Hair Center International, does all of these types of fusion techniques. We are the New York, NY, leader in Fusion Hair Extensions. We also have many Custom Fusion Techniques, that were developed in house, and are patent pending.

If you are looking for Fusion Hair Extensions in New York, Fusion Hair Extensions in NYC, Fusion Hair Extensions near Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, NJ, CT, come to the fusion Hair Pro’s, Hair Center International Famous Salon. Funny thing is, I see a competitor advertise Great Lengths Cold Fusion Hair Extensions in NJ, saying that is the only technique you need to do, since tat is all they do. Well, we offer that technique, plus dozens of other techniques, so I don’t see what there advantage is. We do more fusion techniques that anyone else in the world, in our NY, New York salon in Astoria, Queens, NYC.

We are Fusion experts in Laser Hair Fusion, Hot Fusion Techniques, Cold Fusion Techniques, Ultrasonic Fusion techniques, and Air Pressure Multi Strand Techniques. Best thing to do, is come in for a free hair analysis and consultation. We see what Fusion hair Technique is going to be best for your hair. We go over your Fusion Hair options, and try to find something that matches your hair goals and budgets. You can even do a same day fusion consultation and fusion extension. That saves you from making 2 trips.

Call us at

718-932-7777 to make an appointment.


Revitalash Eyelash Treatment

Revitalash Eyelash Treatment

Looking for fuller, longer eyelashes? Are your eyelashes thin? Do you have small eyelashes? You have many options then ranging from eyelashes extensions, or using a eyelash treatment like Revitalash. We do both in our posh New York, NY salon, located in Astoria, Queens, NYC. We are eyelash experts, and have different solutions for your eyelashes to make them fuller, thicker, and longer.

We offer Revitalash as one of our proven eyelash treatment formulas. Why Revitalash? Because we have tested it our our salon. It works, and works well, to make your eyelashes longer and fuller. Most people see results in a few months time. Revitalash is applied daily, on the base of your lashes. Over time, the proven formula goes to work. We charge $140 per for Revitalash. Most customers swear by the results, love them, and keep using it for years.

Visit our posh, NY, New York salon, in Astoria, Queens, NYC for your bottle of Revitalash. If Revitalash is not for you, and you want some instant solution, come and see our Eyelashes Extensions options. We have something for everyone.

Best Hair Repair Options

Best Hair Repair Options

Do you have dry hair? Is your hair broken? Is your hair over-processed? Too many perms or relaxers? Come visit our posh, Astoria, Queens, NY salon in NYC, New York. We have many different hair repair options for your hair, to build up your follicles, and make your hair stronger again. Your hair will feel shiny, healthier, stronger, after one of our many hair repair formulas. No wonder we are a favorite destination for people in New York, NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester, Long island, Queens, NJ and CT.

We have many hair repair formulas from different vendors, that have been proven to in clinical studies. We only use the best in hair repair formulas. So if you have fragile hair, damaged hair, come in to our salon, to review all of your hair repair options. We will go over all of your hair repair options, and develop a treatment plan for your hair.

Many people use a combination of hair repair with scalp treatments.
You can also have extensions applied to damaged hair, to make your hair look richer and fuller. This is one of our most popular combination’s, when it comes to hair repair.

Visit our salon for you full range of hair repair options. We have many hair repair options, the most in the NY, NYC, New York, NJ, CT area. Call for a consultation today.

Best Scalp Treatments

Best Scalp Treatments Salon

We at Hair Center International offer many different types of scalp treatment formulas. Do you have dry scalp? Do you have tangled hair? Is your hair stiff? Is your hair limp? these are all examples of scalp disorders, and we have many proven formulas, that work on making your scalp healthier, which in turn promotes healthier hair.

We have many formulas for hair repair and scalp repair. Many people do both of these in combination. We have things that help exfoliate, cleanse, moisturize, nourish, your scalp, and that will lead to stronger and better hair growth. We are located in Astoria, Queens, NY in NYC, New York. We serve the NY, NJ, CT, Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island Areas.

Best thing to do is come in for a free consultation, and go over the best options for your scalp, your hair, and all your needs. We will help your scalp stay healthy, not be dry, and this in turn will help your hair be stronger and thicker.