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Hair Center International is one of the top Full Lace Wigs Salon, located in New York, NY,  in Astoria, Queens, NY.  We serve the Manhattan, NY, NJ, CT, Long Island, Westchester, Philadelphia, Boston areas. We have many in stock Full Lace Wigs and also have Custom Full Lace Wigs.  What makes our Full Lace Wigs so good?  There are a number of factors:

Quality Full Lace Wigs – We only use quality 100% Human Remy Hair in all of our Full Lace Wigs.  Our hair is top of the line.  We use many different hair types, such as Yaki Full Lace Wigs, European Full Lace Wigs, Virgin Full Lace Wigs, Baby Hair Full Lace Wigs, Indian Full Lace Wigs, etc.

Full Lace Wig Designs – We have a unique and custom hand made build method.  Each unit takes 50 hours of hand made work to make.  That is why we only deal in Premium Full Lace Wigs, and why they cost most than others, and why we have celebrities use our Full lace wigs. We also have unique hairlines, parts, and lace skin, that makes ours look natural. Nobody has our Full Lace Wigs looks and designs.

Best Full Lace Wig Application – We have 10 full time hair extensions and hair replacement artists, that are experts in full lace wig application.  We have a unique process, and most people get 4-6 weeks with each application. we are the best in hair cutters and hair stylists.  We style your hair better than anyone can.

Best Full Lace Wig Facilities - We have the best in private facilities.  We have a 4000 SF hair salon and 3 Luxurious Private rooms for Full lace Wigs Applications.  That means you are in a nice private atmosphere.  No wonder celebrities love our salon! Fendi Chairs, Plasma T.V’s, private sinks in each room!

Full list of Services - This is what truly sets us apart, and nobody can compete.  Most Full Lace Wigs places offer only Lace wigs.  We are the world’s top hair extensions and hair replacement salon for women.  What does that mean for you?  Maybe a Full Lace Wig is not the best thing for you.  Maybe you need a partial lace wig, with hair extensions in the back?  Maybe you need a non adhesive solution?  We have HairNetrics, Custom HairSthetics, Reprieve, and much more.  We have over 70 Different Solutions, and nobody can match that!  We will find the best solution at the best price, based on budget, goals, and lifestyle!  that is why we are the best in the NYC, NY, area, and why people from Manhattan, Westchester, Long Island, Brooklyn, New Jersey, CT, Philadelphia, Boston, Pa, Bronx, Queens all visit us on a regular basis.

Huge inventory – We have a full inventory of all of our 70 different hair process, with a Full Lace Wig showroom.  You can have a free consultation and application the same day!  No need to return!

We specialize on all hair types.  We love African American hair, black hair, blond hair, European hair.  We have all hair types in inventory, and custom full lace wigs.  Best thing to do is come in for a free consultation and hair analysis, and we go over your options with you. We show you our Full Lace wigs showroom, and go over your full lace wigs options.


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